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The Chainsmokers’ In-Depth Discussion with Interview Magazine

Shortly after the dynamic duo; Chainsmokers released their new jam “Closer,” in 2016, Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine held a thrilling interview in New York. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart talked about how they started The Chainsmokers and their remarkable journey to stardom.

The interview goes into detail on the founding of the group settling for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as a Production team itself. They reveal that it wasn’t a walk in the park, the journey to fame came with its share of challenges and sleepless nights to produce a quality that would catch their target audience’s attention.

Alex Pall revealed to Rosenzweig, his source of Djing experience began in the Big Apple he met Drew, who at that time had already started his career as a DJ and Producer. Upon receiving that opportunity, Alex quit his job to begin his career in music and together, the duo developed their unique EDM-Pop style of music. They came into the limelight with their hit singles, “Selfie” and “Roses” which were received positively having an audience of from all around the globe of groups from the ages of around 15 years to adults or even 30 years and above.

Alex and Drew added that their songs based on their real-life stories despite having to include songwriters during the composing lyrics sessions. They both draw their inspiration from the then already established and talented musicians like Avicii. It was about killing anything that didn’t work for them and built any skill that would linger well with their music production. Alex quoted that the duo continued to put more effort into achieving their dreams and would meet up and work daily like a paying job. With time, they identified their weaknesses and strengths, and when they were ready, the world would receive them with open arms.

While concluding, Drew talked about the duo talked about releasing an album that they had been working on for their audience. The Chainsmokers unveiled their plans on enlightening the world on their identity and brands as artists. They continue to push for new experiences and limits on the forefront to become the best in the competitive music industry.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart introduces a new sound in the music industry.

Alex was an ambitious boy from New York who dreamt of becoming famous one day, and though he grew up DJing to him, it was more of a hobby and not a career. Having other passion, he was able to explore discover and realized his dancing potential and music as well. It was terrifying for him to pursue something that seems like more fun than a job. Alex met Drew though his manager with whom he was working with wat the moment. Drew being a talented producer and Pall having had so many gigs would help the duos in marketing their music.


Pall realized that they were both ambitious and knew what they wanted which made it easier for them to make music as they worked towards creating their identity. He always wanted to work with Halsey, and his dream came through when they did the song “closer,” a song which Drew wrote while they were on their bus tour. Pall describes Halsey as incredible a cool and unique artist. As much as he never wanted to treat it as a job he wanted to learn and set ground to cover. Through time they were able to develop talent and music and dance. As they charted, they were able to find out what would go through for them and what would not.


He applauses Instagram for making him know around the world and becoming international. He expresses the joy that everyone else enjoys the songs even though they make the songs for themselves. Pall speaks of doing something new and different while pushing up to keep up with the trend. Speaking of making it bigger and bigger through their production and introduction of festivals to increase their fan base. It became an everyday effort of working towards what Drew Pall wanted to achieve. They do live performance as they are at a point where they want to show their fans who they are.


It has been a self-discovery for them with so much experience and fun as they move all around the world.