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OSI Group Mcdonalds: Their History of How They Changed the World of Retail

One of the biggest giants now in the food providing businesses is OSI Group Mcdonalds , who are now handling over twenty thousand employees all around the world -divided by 65 facilities in a little less than 20 countries worldwide. Like any other giant company, they started as a small company as well. Until now their company is still learning and growing with the changing world – it strives to be modern and fit with the global standards.

The OSI Group Mcdonalds , unlike today’s hate on immigrant policies in the United States, this group was rooted deeply in immigrants – particularly German immigrants in Chicago. The people composed of the German descent made up of over a quarter of the population of the city that time. The city was a melting pot of cultures and they were an easy, accessible and main entry point of immigrants at the time – and they were the people who established and plowed farms and cared for livestock in their Western Homes and fields. OSI Group Mcdonalds are now going on their first step of dominating the world.

OSI Group Mcdonalds started with these small farms, stacked and established beside each other, producing great volumes of meat and livestock, in time they garnered the name of “Hog Butcher of the World” , “Stacker of Wheat” and they were coined as the “City of Big Shoulders” (referring to the shoulders of the pigs that they were breeding.)

In the early 1900’s in Chicago, one person named Kolschowsky, only after a couple of years prior to arriving in the United States of America – he opened a small manufacturing and distributing meat market and butchery that was to serve his small community. His business was decent for a good number of years and during the First World War – he expanded his business into a wholesale business and he moved his operations into a bigger platform.

The post-war situation opened a multitude of various opportunities like what Ray Kroc did when he opened the very first, original Mcdonald’s in Illinois and this was the first step to a world wide phenomenon that was once just a concept – This was the start of a the worldwide retail extravaganza by OSI Group Mcdonalds.

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