Fashion Design Students Get Runway Exposure With Academy of Art University

Many schools that teach any subject seem to carry the mindset that giving them an education is enough. The students are often left with a degree, but with no help in getting work. The same can be said for fashion design students. They are left with the certificates but are also left out of the loop when it comes to finding work. A lot of people are not taught how to get a job in the competitive job market. Fortunately, Academy of Art University not only gives people some of the best education in their form of art but also brings them to an opportunity to apply their education.

One thing that Academy of Art University has done for its fashion design students was take them to a runway show so that they can have the chance to show off their skills in fashion design. One good thing that the runway shows do for the fashion design students is get their names and their styles out there. This makes it easier for them to find a deal in the industry and be able to support themselves with their passion for fashion design. The best thing about Academy of Art University is that they go in depth about the different types of runway shows they can attend.

For fashion students, they have the choice of designing haute couture clothing or ready to wear clothing for the runway shows. For people that want to make a ton of money from their work from the wealthy and artistic of minds, they can choose to do haute couture. For those that are more into practical designs that are a little more unique, then they will fit right in with the ready to wear crowd. Once they find their own element, they will be able to shine in the fashion industry.

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart introduces a new sound in the music industry.

Alex was an ambitious boy from New York who dreamt of becoming famous one day, and though he grew up DJing to him, it was more of a hobby and not a career. Having other passion, he was able to explore discover and realized his dancing potential and music as well. It was terrifying for him to pursue something that seems like more fun than a job. Alex met Drew though his manager with whom he was working with wat the moment. Drew being a talented producer and Pall having had so many gigs would help the duos in marketing their music.


Pall realized that they were both ambitious and knew what they wanted which made it easier for them to make music as they worked towards creating their identity. He always wanted to work with Halsey, and his dream came through when they did the song “closer,” a song which Drew wrote while they were on their bus tour. Pall describes Halsey as incredible a cool and unique artist. As much as he never wanted to treat it as a job he wanted to learn and set ground to cover. Through time they were able to develop talent and music and dance. As they charted, they were able to find out what would go through for them and what would not.


He applauses Instagram for making him know around the world and becoming international. He expresses the joy that everyone else enjoys the songs even though they make the songs for themselves. Pall speaks of doing something new and different while pushing up to keep up with the trend. Speaking of making it bigger and bigger through their production and introduction of festivals to increase their fan base. It became an everyday effort of working towards what Drew Pall wanted to achieve. They do live performance as they are at a point where they want to show their fans who they are.


It has been a self-discovery for them with so much experience and fun as they move all around the world.

Richard Dwayne Blair Can Provide You With Investment Advice

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ClassDogo is the Way of the Future

As time continues to pass, the amount of technology integration into the average classroom has increased. This benefits not only the students, but also the teachers. The ability to have everything organized in a clean interface can be critical to how a teacher can keep materials in order. The service ClassDojo has become a popular service for teachers all across the country. A recent blog post on the Class Dojo website gives some insight on how this platform is great for teachers.

Despite what people think, being a teacher is not a group job. The teacher is alone a lot of the time with often little interaction with the student. In response, blog writer Stephanie Smith turned to ClassDojo. It serves as a platform for students and teachers to interact in a safe setting. Images and videos can be uploaded and shared for further interaction. However, little did anyone realize just how popular it would become. Communities of teachers using the software began to spring up all over the country.

The blog post then goes on to talk about teachers have always communicated on a regular basis. Sharing ideas and classroom advice has been essential for teachers over the years. Teachers will also routinely attend conferences in order to share information. Without these kind of events, technology in the classrooms would have taken a lot longer to be popularized. It’s a teachers job to be up to date with the newest innovations in their career.

ClassDojo has seen a high increase of use in recent years. Its ability to connect teacher and student anytime and anywhere is invaluable in our current society. The service also makes it easier for students to search information or receive materials from the teacher, and on the flip-side, teachers can more easily help students. ClassDojo has even connected teachers from all over the country. As technology continues to expand, so will the resources being used.

All About Rodrigo Terpins

He is a famous Brazilian rally driver whose brother is also recognized in Brazil as Michel Terpins, also a rally driver who has achieved great. Rodrigo Terpins is also a successful man and has been able to complete five Sertoes Rally when he was at 44 years. His passion started at a tender age for speed and sport. He was advantaged because he had been born in a sports family. His father Jack Terpin was a successful basketball player. His father also became the president of both Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council.


The excellent family which Rodrigo came from was what made him pursue rally driving. He had rally driving passion and it became the household name which was in the off-road rally championships which were held all over Brazil. He has been able to grace most of them and managed to trounce his opponents without being said to be lucky but it is a routine basis.


Rodrigo Terpin is now racing for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally, which is a team that has his talented and equally competitive brother Michel Terpins. Together with his brother, they have been able to race in the last 4 seasons with T-Rex on board. This was developed specifically for them by MEM Motorsport organization. Rodrigo other passion in his life is the T1prototype category that he has been having on various occasions and have been noted as the reason why he will still be remaining with a big interest in the rally. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Rodrigo and his brother have been able to participate and successfully been able to compete in 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship that was recently completed. They had to cover the overall distance which was 2,600 km which took them through 2 states and also seven diverse and different courses which were specifically designed so that they could test the ability to be dynamic and physical & mental agility of the people competing. Rodrigo team and his brother ended the race 3rd, where they were ranked as number 8 overall which included 38 competitors.


He is currently feeling at content at his career growth rate where he is currently trying to achieve a family and career balance which will enable him to receive the best from what both worlds hold for him. You can visit



Malcolm Casselle And The Gaming Industry

He is the CIO of OPSkins and an entrepreneur. He also works as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) president. He also served as president and CTO of New ventures which was at tronc, Inc. In addition, he was the senior vice president of Digital Media which was for SeaChange International where he also acted as the general manager. He has also been able to lead at the startups of some digital industries, including Xfire, Mediapass and also Groupon’s joint venture with Chinese Tencent.He has been actively investing in Zynga, Bitcoin, and facebook companies. He went to MIT where he was awarded the Bachelors degree and master’s degree from the University of Stanford where both degrees were Computers Science. He is capable of speaking Japanese and Mandarin languages.

His company OPSkin where he is the CIO is the current global leader in the selling of in-game virtual assets. It is also recognized as bitcoin number one merchant in the world. It is the central market where it is disadvantaged with capabilities of technology which makes the decentralized marketplace for the virtual assets to have a natural progression step.

OPSkin creators will now be able to launch the new blockchain platform that will be used for virtual asset trading which will be called WAX. It is a p2p marketplace where assets trading will be allowing buyers and sellers to be having an efficient trade of virtual assets together.

WAX is there to solve the biggest problems that have been experienced in the virtual asset markets, fraud and fragmentation. It will be able to solve those problems using a simple blockchain-enabled widget which will be letting all the users to instantaneously buy or sell their virtual goods and they will never click their game off.

WAX will also be helping in solving the problem of geographical fragmentation. If a user can transact on the platform which doesn’t use a common utility token, then they will not be able to transact with users who will be having denominated goods that are different with cryptocurrencies where middlemen will not be used again. WAX Token will be the common currency that all gamers will use and eliminate FOREX problematic issues which are currently plaguing the virtual asset markets.

Nick Vertucci Releases New Book, Adds To Ways In Which He Imparts Knowledge On Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has become a name that is synonymous with real estate education because of the real estate school that he founded. He is the founder and the lead behind the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is a place that has imparted valuable skills to people all over the country who have been looking to get into the field of real estate. Because of how much his knowledge has helped people, he decided to move one step further and write a book about his experiences in the field. The book is meant to give readers an insight into the life of Vertucci so that they can understand the road that he had to travel to reach a successful position within the real estate industry.

Vertucci’s career didn’t start out in real estate. He wanted to be an entrepreneur who wanted to start out his own company. At a young age, he started out his own company that sold computer parts and other related technology. The company was doing incredibly well, and Vertucci became a well-known name within the industry. However, the company took a turn for the worse when the dot-com crash occurred. Nick Vertucci lost everything that he had worked for, and the company started to deteriorate with every passing day. Eventually, Vertucci had to give up his company and start afresh in an industry that he had no experience in.

Real Estate was always something that highly interested Vertucci and it was something that he could viably take up. He had no experience and no knowledge within the field, but he knew that the only way he could be able to get situated once again was to go out and work as a realtor. Over time, he worked hard and started to gain an incredibly positive reputation for himself. After several years of working in the field, Vertucci eventually could say that he reached the top, and was in a position where he considered himself to be a big success.

Nick Vertucci knew that there were always people within the country that needed a new way to get financially situated, but didn’t know the scope that is available to them through the field of real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy served as a place where people could get this knowledge, no matter what experience or degrees they had prior. The program was meant to teach almost anyone to become a realtor and make enough to support themselves and their families. The book that Vertucci released, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” is a book that also serves as a good learning tool to anyone who is looking to make a living from working in real estate.

Whitney Wolfe spreading positivity on social media

Few dating apps are programmed or maintained by women. William Wolfe Herd, the founder and CEO of Bumble wanted to correct that situation. She also wanted to make sure she created a friendly place for other women and people from diverse backgrounds to work. This turned out to be both harder and easier than expected, although this only makes sense if one remembers that starting a business, especially a tech business requires many different skills.When she started Bumble, she told her former employer she did not intend to bulid a dating app, according to Tech Crunch.

This occurred because of a non-compete contract her former employer required her to sign. The female tech CEO started her work as one of the co-founders of Tinder. Today, the Bumble app is not primarily used for dating. It works better as a positive social networking environment. Today, Bumble focuses on connecting people who are interested in equality, community service and providing equal opportunities.Despite assuring her former employer that Bumble and her first attempt Merci were not dating apps, the owners of Tinder responded with a lawsuit. They dropped the lawsuit a few months after they filed it and she was free to move on.

Merci helped form the ideas used for Bumble. The predecessor for the current social network focused on kinness and compliments. It catered towards a female market.Today’s Bumble is more inclusive than its predecessor. People who funded her organization helped her expand her focus. One investor said he loved the idea of a female-focused platform, but he felt that positivity and kindness were traits that should be encouraged among men as well. Today anyone who wants to use Bumble can download it from the Google Play or Apple App stores. It only takes a simple click to install.

OSI Expands Its Reach By Acquiring Tyson Foods

OSI Group is continuing to make moves to strengthen its influence in a very competitive industry. OSI has been at the forefront of food manufacturing for many decades and is expanding its reach across the marketplace by making key acquisitions of influential companies. Mergers with organizations such as Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group will give OSI the presence it desires in the European region. Each of these companies already have strong consumer bases and bring unique skill sets to the arena.

Tyson Foods is a local acquisition that was made by OSI Group. Tyson Foods had been a long time operator in Chicago area. The company had come up against hard times and was looking to close its doors for business. Had Tyson Foods closed there would have been nearly 500 employees out of work. OSI was able to come in and make the purchase for 7.4 million dollars and save these jobs for American workers. Many of the Tyson Foods employees or able to make a lateral move into the OSI organization itself.

The leadership at OSI believes in taking on challenges and has pushed to have operating plants in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the European Realm. The current roster at OSI features 20,000 employees that come from all walks of life. The growth at OSI forces it to have a diverse platform. OSI has been able to accumulate such an interesting workforce by setting up recruiting stations in various areas including Poland, the Asia-Pacific, Germany, the Americas and the United Kingdom. Leaders at OSI are committed to providing a safe and thriving work environment. The company is known for having very little turnover among its ranks.

OSI Group epitomizes the American dream. The company was founded by a German immigrant in the early 1900’s. Otto and Sons was a local meat market in the Chicago area. Otto Kolschowsky ran the business with his children up until the 1950’s. During this time the company developed a working relationship with the McDonald’s corporation. In time Auto and Sons began working solely for McDonald’s and grew as the restaurant chain continued to grow. By the 1960’s the original founders of Otto and Sons has sold their interest and the company became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group is currently an international brand and has working relationships with many other food industry organizations. Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza are all clients of the OSI business model. The company provides several different products including ground beef, bacon, hot dogs and poultry.

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Whitney Wolfe and The Importance of Not Caring What One is Supposed to Do

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has shown is that she does not care about what she is supposed to do. She takes on her own goals for women. While she has started with dating, she has moved it further than that for women. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done is break convention. This is one of the common things that an entrepreneur does. As a matter of fact, it is important for an entrepreneur to reject convention to not only achieve something profound but also move the industry forward. Whitney Wolfe has moved the industry of social media and internet forward with her apps.One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was bring a solution to an issue. This issue that she has solved was the idea that women are supposed to be passive.

There are a lot of beliefs about women. One particular belief is that they should stay out of the workplace. Whitney has proved this belief wrong with her creativity. She continues to prove these ideas wrong with her apps and other products. She uses the internet and the digital world to take on this and other real world problems that women are faced with.Whitney Wolfe has proven that the internet is much more than just mindless entertainment. She has shown that people can take part in meaningful activities.

For one thing, many businesses are started online as opposed to the traditional and conventional way. She also encourages women to take a similar approach and stand against the oppression of convention. One thing that can be said about success is that it is a fight in ways that one would not expect. While it may be jarring for many people, Whitney Wolfe understands that this actually comes with the territory of success. Once people become visible, one of the first people that are going to notice are the people who oppose the person.