Get Through Your To-Do List With Upwork

The company Upwork has shared several tips for completing your tasks on time. Upwork is a marketplace where freelancers and clients can connect to work on a project. The jobs are organized into categories such as accounting, design, development and writing. If you are a freelancer, Upwork is a great way to set your own schedule and showcase your skills.

Here are several tips to get you through your to-do list and help you meet your deadlines.

Create Your To-Do List In Advance

Do you start creating your to-do list every morning before getting to work? You could be using that time to work on your tasks. It is best to create your to-do list the night before your work day. This way, you can use the morning hours to work on the most important task on your list. Creating your to-do list the night before also gives you the opportunity to decide what tasks are going to start and end your day.

Prioritize The Tasks On Your List

It is no secret that your day is not always going to go as planned. You never know when an unexpected situation is going to threaten your deadline. All you can do is prepare for it by prioritizing your tasks. You want to start with the task that needs to be submitted by the end of the day. The next task on your list may be due at the end of the week. This allows you to meet your deadlines regardless of what comes up during the day.

Group Your Tasks Into Batches

One way to stay productive is to group all your tasks into batches. One example is answering emails. You can start your day by answering your emails in one sitting. The next batch of tasks may be your phone calls, and then you may need to write three blog posts. When you look at your to-do list later, you are going to notice your emails, phone calls and blog posts are completed.


When you keep the above tips in mind, you are sure to finish your to-do list at a decent time.

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Fagali’i Airport is Your Gateway to Paradise on Earth

Fagali’I Airport is not going to be found on the list of the world top ten airports. This isn’t a “Best Bets” candidate for Condi Nast, and this will certainly never make a listing of the largest or busiest terminals in the world. Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot that is especially remarkable about Fagali’I Airport, except for the fact that is is a world-class, international air hub level facility scaled down to accommodate the needs of a small island population. Of course, the island that it is located on is also a significant factor as well.

The airport is located on the beautiful island of Upolu the smaller of the two large islands that make up the Samoan Archipelago. While the large island is home to major resorts, large cities, and a bustling tourism industry, the smaller island is a quiet refuge for those who are seeking a traditional and exciting South Pacific vacation but want fewer crowds and a lower price tag. Like its big brother, the island of Upolu has white sand beaches, blue lagoons, deep sea pools, and of course a warm and welcoming population who are ready to make all visitors feel like they are part of the Samoan family. Read more articles about Fagali at

Upolu has many fine tourist attractions of its own, including some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, the home and burial place of acclaimed author Robert Louis Stevenson, and what is considered to be the most beautiful church in the South Pacific, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The island is also home to the Samoan Cultural Village, a living museum of the Samoan people and their culture dating back several centuries.

The city of Apia, which is the capital of the island, is large and features gourmet dining, entertainment, and lavish hotels. There is also world class golfing to be had at the Royal Samoan Golf Course just outside of the city.

For those who are wanting to visit Upolu, Fagali’I is the gateway to your exciting Samoan adventure. Fagali Airport is the main arrival and departure point for those visiting the island, and is served by five airlines offering inter-island service as well as international connecting service via Pago Pago and American Samoa. Located just 5 kilometers outside of the city, the airport features many options for transport in and out of Apia for your convenience.

Come to Upolu, the hidden jewel of Samoa, Fagali’I makes it easy, and once you are here, you may never want to leave after seeing why this place is called “Paradise on Earth”.



Ara Chakerian Is Dedicated To Philanthropy

Ara Chakerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings invest in early age healthcare companies. Ara has had great success as an investor. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is involved in many different causes within the medical industry. He founded TMS Solutions as a method to treat individuals who suffer from resistant depression.


Ara Chakerian has a great deal of experience in the business world and has acquired a lot of knowledge about how it works in relation to health care. Ara has observed many different trends and felt that he could contribute to the process of making the interaction easier between patient and doctor. He created TMS Solutions to approach these actions. Chakerian studied the limited insurance coverage policies and looked to established a way for patients to gain access to the type of doctors that they expected. You can check out



TMS has assisted thousands of patients since its inception. It specializes in those who suffer from depression and provides outpatient facilities that bring a new dynamic to treatment. Ara Chakerian has created 7 clinics with TMS that operate in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. The facilities are constructed with treatment rooms and consult areas that give the patient a serene feeling. The projects were designed by Josh Heitler and intentionally promote a relaxing vibe that Chakerian felt was important when dealing with patients that have psychiatric issues. Ara believes that this trend will catch on and patients will soon become followers of the modern clinic concept.


Ara Chackerian approaches each day with an open mind and allows the activities to flow in his direction. He then prioritizes each item based on his personal goals. Ara does not confine himself to list of any kind. He has maintained a healthy separation between business partners and friends in order to keep his operations running smoothly. You can visit his page for more.


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Paul Mampilly Shares Investment Advice on EPN to Help Americans Make Smart Investments

Eric Dye from the Entrepreneur Podcast caught up with Mampilly to talk about several topics like his new occupation of helping average Americans make informed financial decisions, oversights people make with their first investments and entrepreneurs who influence him. Paul points out that his previous experiences on Wall Street give him an insight that other financial advisors lack, and this sets him apart as the best advisor.

Over the years, Paul Mampilly has worked relentlessly to cement his name in the finance industry. The alumni of Fordham University where he obtained an Master’s degree in Business Administration has built his reputation from that of an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust to become one of the most respected financial analysts in Wall Sreet. He has worked in several top legal and financial institutions like the Deutsche Bank and Kinetics Asset Management where he managed to expand the firm’s assets to $25 billion.

Paul Mampilly stepped away from the fast lane of Wall Street to be able to establish businesses and spend quality time with his family. He also wanted to use this opportunity to help average people create wealth. Today, Paul is the chief editor of a newsletter called ‘Profits Unlimited’ at Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes on investment opportunities, tips and gives financial advice that ordinary people can use to manage their finances and grow wealth. Paul also oversees the Extreme Fortunes journal and True Momentum Services. Additionally, he is a seasoned guest on TV and Radio shows where he speaks on financial matters.

During the Interview, Paul Mampilly cautions people from investing heavily in one stock only. This is because this strategy could result in massive losses if they are wrong about the stock. Another miscalculation that people make when investing for the first time according to Paul is neglecting market trends and spending when the market is intractable.

Paul Mampilly disclosed that he looks up to Elon Musk in the business world. He admires the resilience of Elton Musk in growing and investing in Telsa. Paul is also impressed by the entrepreneurs business skills and understanding.

Jason Hope Reveals the Future of the Internet of Things

Chronicle of Week recently published Haley Thompson’s article “Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things is Changing Our World”. The article discusses the entrepreneur and futurists ideas on how the technology is changing the way people relate to information.

The Internet of Things reveals how the world is interconnected today, creating a unique experience of the world. It specifically relates to the different devices and how they connect to the internet, specifically including mobile devices, tablets, vehicles, smart appliances, smart homes, and other items.

Jason Hope reveals that according to research, the internet of things will be made up of more than 20 million objects by 2020. The devices can be controlled remotely through different computer apps and gadgets. The items can be integrated to help improve society and the economy. There will be an increase in the affordability and accessibility of these items in the future.

Jason Hope is an investor and tech-minded entrepreneur who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. He recently released an e-book on Amazon titled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in IOT Era” to help people better understand what it is and how it impacts our daily lives.

Jason Hope reveals that there are also potential risks associated with the internet of things. He feels that people need to be aware of how security breaches can occur to prevent personal information from getting out.

Thompson also discussed Jason Hope in her article “Jason Hope’s 2018 Predictions for Changes in the Internet of Things”. This article reveals Hope’s predictions about how the technology will advance and its possible impact on the general population.

Hope reveals that Artificial Intelligence will be one of the key players. AI is often used through people’s smartphones or with voice-activated devices like Siri or Google Assistant. The AI programs will only keep advancing. They are beginning to have natural language processing abilities, deep learning and greater image recognition. Hope also reveals that sensors and communications will also advance through the use of AI. Sensors are beginning to be used for healthcare and in the car industry. He indicates that GM will soon have sensors for vehicles without steering wheels or pedals.

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NewsWatch TV Reviews Can Be Game-Changing

NewsWatch TV is known all over the world today for the presence they have in the media and the impact they have made on various people and companies throughout the years. NewsWatch has an excellent page filled with testimonials from happy customers thanking them for their support when it comes to coverage and advertising. Various companies and company presidents have left their regards and praised NewsWatch TV for their efforts and the impact they have had on completely turning things around.

NewsWatch TV has a talented team working behind them that understand the right way to present their news and the audiences they are trying to capture. When it comes to PR, NewsWatch TV knows exactly what process to take in order to maximize the amount of information spread. Effective and efficient, NewsWatch TV speaks in a clear language that everyone can understand and consumers take notice of this.

Each week, NewsWatch TV airs on AMC in the United States and runs as a thirty-minute long television show. The show has been running since early 1998 and has since released more than a thousand different episodes altogether.

Today, NewsWatch TV is widely acclaimed for their accurate information and informative programs. Also, they offer a wide range of different subjects for their viewers to watch at any given time. The shows airs just once a week but always has useful and unique information. When it comes to entertainment, NewsWatch has featured many different celebrities on the show over the years, getting exclusive insight to the celebs. This includes figures such as Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Diane Lane, and Brooklyn Decker.

NewsWatch has its headquarters in Washington D.C., with various other offices spread out in different cities around the country, including New York City and Denver. Since first airing, NewsWatch TV has won the Marcom Award in Gold and Platinum.


Anil Chaturvedi Is A Highly Reputable Banker

Are you searching for information on banking, investing or other related topics? Do you want to achieve financial success and need expert assistance? Perhaps you are looking for a reliable financial or money management advisor like Anil Chaturvedi.

If you need advice or guidance from a financial services professional, it is imperative to go with one that has an established history of providing top notch service to clients and customers.

One of the crucial factor to consider when choosing an advisor, is reputation. You need to look for a professional that has a good reputation in the industry. Experience is also an important consideration when deciding on the right advisor or professional to work with.

Anil Chaturvedi is a leading professional and has been helping clients achieve their goals. As an experienced professional, Anil Chaturvedi can help you make the right decision regarding banking, money management and other financial issues.

It is very important to perform your research in order to find the right advisor for your needs. There are many advisors and firms out there that offer guidance to clients. There are a wide variety of financial products and services available to people who are looking for proven ways to reach their goals. Some of the products and services are ideal for individual clients while others are designed for business or commercial clients and customers.

Investment bankers can provide advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking for loans and other funding sources. They can also provide assistance with stocks, bonds and other investment resources or information. A knowledgeable investment banker like Anil Chaturvedi has great expertise in helping businesses and organizations get the loan they need to grow or expand their ventures.

It is extremely important that you have access to high quality information and strategies that can help you manage your finances, secure your future and achieve financial success. Securing funding for large commercial or business projects, requires the assistance of an expert like Anil Chaturvedi. Many business owners and companies turn to him for help with their financing needs.

NGP VAN Helps Out LGBTQ People So Much – All By Beating Conservatives At The Polls

LGBTQ refers to lesbian women, gay men, bisexual men and women, transsexual men and women, and queer – the latter identification simply means that people who identify as queer are both not cisgender nor straight. For thousands of years, LGBTQ people were harshly discriminated against by society at large.

Fortunately, most places around the globe don’t discriminate against LGBTQ people as much as they once did. However, other countries – namely Saudi Arabia, for example – are certainly not cool with allowing people of the same sex to engage in sexual relations with one another; the Saudi Arabian government supports the death penalty for men found having sex with one another.

Somebody has to stick up for LGBTQ people – NGP VAN is one of them

Wait – who exactly is NGP VAN? NGP VAN is a company formed as a merger between NGP Software and Voter Activation Network in 2010. Most people relate NGP VAN to the computer program used to make the lives of candidates running for various offices easier than trying to handle all their respective responsibilities.

NGP VAN explicitly supports liberal candidates. While some such voter database tracking and related political programs can and often do go both ways – both left and right, both Democrat and Republican – NGP VAN proves to be more advantageous than other such programs because it is geared towards just one party. Many of the techniques taught to staffers, volunteers, and political candidates themselves are more effective in liberal and Democratic campaigns than their conservative counterparts.

When conservative political opponents seem too difficult to take care of at the polls, some Democratic, liberal, progressive and similarly-identifying candidates pull out the big guns

What are these so-called “big guns,” one might ask?

Allocating a hefty portion of a candidate’s or program’s advertising and marketing budget towards getting – or at least hopefully getting – LGBTQ people to leave their homes, take off from work, and otherwise make themselves available to vote for the liberal candidate running for whatever official position. Conservatives rarely believe LGBTQ rights are OK – that’s why this strategy is often so effective.

Saygus Raises Millions Thanks To NewsWatch TV Review Of Their Product

Over the years, NewsWatch TV has put out thousands of different reviews for companies all over the world, including charities and FOrtune 500 companies. Saygus personally hired NewsWatch TV in order to present their phones during the Mobile World Congress. Saygus is an American manufacturer of smartphones and wanted to build a lot of exposure for their phones in a very short period of time. NewsWatch TV’s reviews managed to help Saygus pull in more than 1.3 million dollars, further going towards their product. Timothy Rush, President of Saygus Smartphones, has said NewsWatch TV perfectly captured their product and presented it respectably to their target audience.

As an award-winning series on television, NewsWatch TV is one of the leading sources for people to get their news on the latest electronics, medicines, entertainment, and even technology. The main star of the series is Andrew Tropeano, though there are special news reports from several other guests on the series. This includes the likes of Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrom. NewsWatch TV has earned several awards over the years, including the Videographer Award and the Marcom Award, both of which were earned in the same year.

In the beginning, NewsWatch TV was mostly focused on featuring news about finances and reports until the 2000’s came around. This is when they decided to make some changes to their platform and provide their audiences with various different topics as well, instead of just finances. Today, NewsWatch TV has featured all different companies, products, and services. They have even done interviews with many different celebrities over the years, including J-Law, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington. The show airs each week on the network AMC and can be viewed all over the United States. ION also airs NewsWatch TV.


Peter Briger: Building an Investment Fortress at Fortress Investment Group

For decades, Forbes Billionaires List has become the benchmark for measuring and ranking the wealth of individuals and companies alike. It gives a clear picture of how capital flows throughout the global marketplace and can hence be used to engage the success of individuals when it comes to growing their individual fortune. The competiveness of the list in the face of growing number of billionaires globally is testament to the motivation and wealth creation acumen among individuals globally. Therefore, making it to the list is laudable achievement for any corporate leader and entrepreneur. Yet it is such milestone that Peter Briger achieved in 2008 when he made to the highly competitive World’s Billionaires List. The co-chairman and principal of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group debuted on the list at #962.

The rise in Peter Briger’s personal fortunes is reflective of the firm’s meteoric growth in value and position in the alternative asset management sector. Since joining the company’s management committee in 2002, Briger has overseen a radical transformation and rise in the company’s value and share value. The company has grown into one of the largest investment companies globally which attracted interest of other big industry players which culminated in the sale of the company to SoftBank in a multibillion dollar deal. The sale of Fortress’s shares to SoftBank exponentially increased the wealth base of Peter Briger. However, he retained his position on the company’s management team.

Career and Education Background

Peter Briger is a seasoned corporate manager with a sterling track record. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he made a name for himself at Goldman Sachs where his excellent asset management and investment skills saw him made partner in 1996. At Fortress Investment Group, Briger continued his excellent track record and rose to co-chair its board in 2009. He oversaw the expansion of the company into new markets with the opening of credit and real estate management subsidiaries, which he is currently overseeing.A philanthropist with deep commitment to community-based initiatives, Peter Briger is a Princeton University alumnus where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later joined University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree.