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Don’t Follow These Rules According to Doe Deere

Doe Deere doesn’t follow the rules. She thinks that fashion rules are ridiculous and are something that were essentially created to be broken. She wants everyone to know that fashion rules are meant to constrict and bind you. They are meant to keep you from letting your personality shine and they do just that with their ridiculous notations of fashion.

This is something that Doe Deere is constantly working to fight and has dedicated her entire makeup line to fighting these fashion rules. She thinks that if you want to wear white foundation, pink lips, and lime green eyeliner you should do just that. She also thinks that you should feel confident and does everything in her power to make people feel confident in their fashion choices, even if that means stepping away from the holy grail of all fashion- the fashion rules. Doe Deere is a fashion rule breaker.

Have you ever worn bold eyes with a bold lip? If you answered no, it’s probably because fashion has told you not to in the past. There are hundreds of beauty articles that detail the information on why you shouldn’t and how terrible it looks to actually wear these two fashion choices. Doe Deere is going to tell you to throw those articles right in the garbage. She often wears bold eyes and bold lips and she really rocks it. She doesn’t look great in these looks because of anything other than her confidence. She likes the colors and she’s happy to wear them, which allows her to just ooze with confidence.

There are many colors that may not look good together, but Doe Deere really doesn’t care. She likes to mix many colors and thinks that fashion just doesn’t want women to have fun with the colors that they wear. She believes that there are no limits to the colors that you can mix, but that you should always wear colors that make you feel good. If you love burnt orange and pea green together, you should definitely wear it every chance that you get…and be confident about it while you’re wearing it.

It is always fun to play with hair colors and Doe Deere knows best of anyone what it is like to have unnaturally colored hair. She can often be spotted with blue or lime green locks. She has been told only to wear neutral colors with her hair like that, but she really doesn’t care. She likes to wear colors that she loves and truly doesn’t care if the colors of her hair clash with the colors of her clothes. The fashion rule of neutrals with bold hair is a rule that Doe Deere never follows.

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