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Waiakea Water; One of the Best Bottled Water in the Nation

Many people have ventured into the bottled water business, and this has brought up competition from different companies in the industry. Most companies are now trying to include unique features to make them outstanding and dominate the market. Waiakea water is unique, and this has made it stand out from the rest. It might sound dramatic to believe that Waiakea water is volcanic water. The thought of drinking volcanic water is cool and breathtaking. These have created attention and curiosity to many people who want to know how it tastes.

The bottled water company was established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, who is also the chief executive officer of the firm. Waiakea water has been on the market for more than five years now, but their creativity has made the company dominate the water industry market. The company is based in Hawaii, and the company uses” Waiakea,” a Hawaiian language that comes from the word ‘Wai akea’ which means “broad waters.’

The filtering process of the volcanic water is one of its kind, and there is no doubt there were brilliant brains behind the success of the company. The volcanic water is filtered 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock and then it is processed through Mauna Loa volcano.

The Hawaii volcanic water company has also shown an impressive concern for the environment. Many water bodies have been polluted with plastic water bottles, but Waiakea water is coming up with better methods to curb the situation. The company is working towards making degradable water bottles which will also be the world’s first fully degradable bottle. Waiakea water ph has been tested and was confirmed to have a ph between 7.6 and 8.2, making it one of the most natural alkaline water company across the globe.

Drinking the volcanic water is healthy for your body because of its natural alkaline content. The natural alkaline water contains natural minerals like potassium and sodium which helps in hydrating cells faster than ordinary water. The water also helps in flushing out toxins to keep you healthy and fit. Lastly, Waiakea water can be of great help in the weight loss journey because of its natural minerals that help in flushing heavy metals and burning fats.