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Securus prevents crime through low rates

Across the nation many critics of prison phone calling have decried the high rates prisoners are forced to pay in order to stay in touch with their loved ones. These critics point to states where, in some cases, rates are outrageously high, running as much as $2.50 per minute.


But the nation’s prison communication providers, such as Securus Technologies, have actually done a remarkable job of keeping rates much lower than they have been in times past. With Securus’ innovative voip-based calling technology, the company has managed to keep the rates for Video visitation down to just $2.31 per minute. This is a radical reduction in costs that are borne by the families of prisoners throughout the nation.


In addition to this, Securus has managed to keep permanent calling rates to incredibly low levels. Take, for example, the state of Louisiana. There, Securus has entered into contracts that required it to pay an average of 71 percent of all revenues to the institutions where it does business. Despite this, Securus has managed to keep the inmate calling rate down to just $0.15 in Louisiana prisons. It does all this while providing crucial revenues to the prisons where it operates. This money is often not replaceable and goes directly towards maintaining the prison communication themselves free of crime.


The critics fail to mention that private companies, such as Securus, are doing yeoman’s work. They are simultaneously delivering great value to the prisoners who use their services, while also delivering in revenues directly to the coffers of the prisons that so desperately need the additional revenue.


This has the effect of reducing crime. Many studies have shown that inmates who are able to stay in constant contact with their loved ones are much less likely to recidivate upon release. Those inmates who are capable of calling their loved ones at extremely cheap rates are more likely to do so regularly.


Securus Technologies and Their Impact Upon Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is a leading communications company that furnishes technology to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies and safety organizations for over 3,400 customers and 1.2 million inmates all across the North American continent. They provide phone, text and email availability for inmates and their families which is a big help for these folks to stay in touch.


However, with such accessible means for communications comes a dark side of the equation too, and that is the fact that some are able to take advantage of such conveniences for the purposes of criminal activity. Not only is there always the possibility of the importing of drugs and alcohol into the prison systems, but there is also the use of such privileges for other criminal activities too.


Securus Technologies has built specific safeguards into the phone and communications systems so that many criminal acts have been thwarted and inmate upon inmate crimes, plans for criminal plots, and other underhanded schemes have been discovered and prevented.


Prison systems and law enforcement agencies receive hundreds of letters and emails about how the Securus systems have helped to arrest perpetrators, foil criminal schemes, and gather evidence that can be used in court to prosecute such activity.


Crimes such as illegal selling of drugs and alcohol, threats against other inmates and prison personnel, extortion, blackmail, threats against families of prisoners, and other such underhanded activities have been stopped primarily because of the Securus Technology detection programs contained in the communication system.


For over a decade the Securus solutions to uncovering such plots and criminal activity and revolutionized the prevention and prosecution of such activities. Letters and communications from law enforcement have been regularly sent to the prisons and Securus thanking them for their vigilance and abilities to catch such criminal acts before they proliferate into more serious and widespread activities.


Why We Trust Securus Technologies to Make Our Prison Safe

When it comes to keeping our prison safe, me and my fellow corrections officers have to work tirelessly to keep one step ahead of the inmates. They have the advantage of being in the jail around the clock, which means that they can spot weaknesses in the system and exploit them so we have to basically react. We have a few resources we use that enable us to take a more proactive approach to prison safety.


Every day the visitors to our prison are warned they can not being any sort of contraband into this facility. Even with the threat of jail time, they risk it sometimes at the request of the inmates. To that end, we have to basically scan and search every visitor and inmate before and after visits to locate and remove any sort of contraband.


Next, we surprise inmates each day by raiding their cells and looking very thoroughly for anything that should not be in there. It surprises us each time how something as simple as a toothbrush can be molded into a sharp weapon used for piercing the skin of intended targets.


We use the new call monitoring system that Securus Technologies installed for picking up conversations between inmates and those on the outside. The LBS software is a powerful tool that can easily locate chatter on things like drugs and weapons. Once alerted, we listen and take swift action to make sure the facility is as safe as possible.


Securus Technologies has these call systems in over 2,500 prison systems, and the entire company, including the CEO, all work towards the objective of keeping the world safe. We can not even count how many time this year already we have been able to locate and remove dangerous drugs from the inmates all due to the Securus Technologies system.


How Securus Technologies is a Program That Is Preventing Crime

Securus Technologies is a wonderful program that is allowing inmates and visitors to communicate with one another via methods of video conferencing. If you’re not sure if the program is currently being offered at the correctional facility that you will be utilizing it or not, please don’t hesitate to visit the website, as there is a list of correctional facilities available on it. Those are the locations it is currently being utilized in. Also, it is important to note that the correctional facility that you may need to use it in may be able to have it installed if it is not currently showing on the list.


Securus Technologies is a program that is assisting communities as it is both inmates and their visitors. It is a program that is helping to solve crimes, as law enforcement agencies are capable of monitoring the video conference sessions that occur between the two parties that utilize it. If criminal matters are discussed within the chat sessions, it is possible that it can be utilized against either of the parties as evidence. The chat segments will then be sent to courts so that the proper procedures for opening a case can occur. Please feel free to see what you may be able to do to begin utilizing this wonderfully designed and engineered program.


Gold Stevie Awarded to Securus in 11th Annual Event

Securus Technologies, a Dallas, TX firm, took home the coveted Gold Stevie award for their commitment to sales and customer service at the 11th annual Stevie Awards held in Las Vegas, NV. The ceremony was held at Caesar’s Palace on February 24 with more than 650 business executives from around the world in attendance.


The Stevie Awards are given as the top honors in the world of business in customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. This year’s competition included over 2,300 nominees in industries of various sizes and focus, which is an increase of over 10% from the 2016 awards. Finalists were chosen by the average scores given by 77 professionals worldwide, who acted as judges.


Judges praised Securus, with comments mentioning “good service to people who need it” and “commitment of the training team” as part of their success.


“It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service,” stated Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies.


Securus serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies across North America. They’re committed to “connecting what matters” as part of their dedication to serving first response, incident management, public information, investigation, and monitoring products and services to make the world a safer place to live in.


Securus vanquishes GTL utterly, without a shot being fired

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communication services, recently had a tussle with declining foe GTL. The row started when, two years ago, GTL fell into an obsession with showering Securus in vile slander. Its bellicosity only increased with each unanswered jab, culminating in absurd allegations of patent infringement on intellectual property that wasn’t even its to claim. Finally, the serene giant Securus, who had ignored GTL as a buffalo ignores a fly, was roused to action by a particularly vicious sputtering of tasteless trash talk and other violations of decorum so gross that, were they said by real persons, would have resulted in permanent exile from polite society.


Thus, Securus issued a challenge, a duel between equals where technology would be shown down face-to-face. Securus offered to pit its video visitation software against the GTL counterpart. Sensing imminent defeat, GTL caved, cut and ran. The embarrassing display of GTL’s rotted fortitude was as typical as it was cringe-worthy.



Securus video visitation has many benefits


Video visitation has been nothing short of a divine gift for those inmates who would have been unable to contact their loved ones in previous eras. Up until the mid-2000s, the only way an inmate could see his family face-to-face was through in-person visitations. These often resulted in such expense that families ended up never coming to see their incarcerated kin. In this way, many inmates ended up serving out their time without having any interaction whatever with those who previously gave their lives meaning on the outside. Such inmates were ripe for so-called institutionalization, or an acclimation to prison life so profound that the prisoner loses his desire to ever leave. While a highly contentious issue among experts, this sort of psychological dynamic is often cited as a key driver of recidivism.


Securus Improves Calling Technology To Jails

Every person who is in jail today has to have help in getting calls from the outside from a company like Securus, and we have been using the system for a while because that was the only way I could get in touch with my brother. He has been in jail on and off for a lot of things, but I got hooked on Securus when they released their app that allows video calling. I have made some video calls to my brother using my phone, and I learned about their new voice technology that helps the police departments.


I have been really impressed with them because I cannot excuse what my brother did, and I think that Securus should be able to use this information to help other people hit rock bottom if that is what they need. I know that Securus is very committed to call quality because all our calls sound great, and the video looks great, too. I think that this is more advanced than any other kinds of video calls that I have used before, and I know for sure that I have been able to get in touch with my brother much more easily.


It makes sense for us to use the video calls from Securus to get in touch, and I also appreciate that Securus is willing to apply their technology to things that will make it easier for the right people to go to jail. It has actually been a help for our family because my brother is finally clean, and I know that he will be a new man when he gets out of jail. I am so glad that I found Securus, and I would like to thank them for how they have handled the calls that we have made as a family.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies And Their Innovative Solutions

Securus Technologies is a very no well-known company that works with prison technology. Securus Technologies has been around for over 30 years, and they are headquartered in Dallas Texas. Recently, PRNewswire did an article about their automated inmate form and grievance application. Securus Technologies has served over 3400 correction facilities and over 1,000,200 inmates throughout the United States. Securus Technologies provides services when it comes to public information, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self-service. Securus Technologies is a company that is constantly improving on their technology, and they are always ready to play innovative roles in the correctional facilities that they work with. Because of that, they recently implemented an application that is called ConnectUs.

Each year correctional facilities waste thousands of hours on different inmate requests. These requests can include things such as grievances, handbook acceptance forms, sign-up forms, medical forms, and much more. They lose a lot of money with these forms, because they require corrections officers to collect these forms from the inmates. Once these forms are collected, they have to be processed, responded to and logged. This entire process can take many hours if not days. The staff is required to keep up with all of the different paperwork used by the various inmates, and this takes the staff away from other important tasks.

This ConnectUs application is an application that is available to inmates, and even if they want to make changes on the forms, it takes just minutes to do instead of days. The ConnectUs form and the grievance application makes this whole process completely and totally streamlined. This services is making a real difference to the different correctional facilities, and they are able to process about over 13 forms per month per inmate. Processing in this way enables correctional facilities to save a large amount of money over a years time.