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Nicolas Maduro Accuses US Of Conspiracy

In the bizarre saga of Facebook reports on Venezuela, yet another twist has turned. The current regime is now accusing the US of a conspiracy to overthrow the government of Venezuela. Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has said the Organization of American States attempts to use its Democratic Charter against Venezuela is a part of a conspiracy against Nicolas Maduro on behalf of the United States and opposition leaders. According to Adrian Jose Velasquez , the discussions within the OAS over whether or not to suspend Venezuela’s membership have let Rodriguez to request meetings with the ambassadors of the member states of the OAS. The paranoia of Rodriguez has even led her to accuse fellow Venezuelans such as Luis Almago of having a part of the conspiracy she alleges. For years, Venezuela has exercised great power over the Organization of American States due to its abundance of oil revenue. As the Venezuelan economy has tanked, the influence of the country has as well.