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For Dr. Saad Saad, being a pediatric surgeon, patent holder and innovator puts him in a best-in-class tier for medical practitioners.

As an inventor, innovator, patent holder, and surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has had a storied career in his 42 years in practice as both a General Surgeon and a Pediatric Surgeon. And his is very much in a best-in-class tier in terms of medical practitioners. He was a board-certified pediatric surgeon by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Saad Saad is a retired medical professional who has done quite a bit of his medical work as a surgeon in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad has been licensed to practice medicine in the states of New Jersey and Iowa. Dr. Saad Saad is connected to many hospitals in New Jersey like the University Medical Center and the Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus.


Over his 40 plus year career as a physician, Dr. Saad Saad received many accolades as well as awards for his high quality of work and his treatment of his patients. The awards that he received were an attestation to his quality of work as a surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad also received recognition for his innovativeness and inventions. He is also known for his development of patents — two of them directly related to medical devices like catheters. Dr. Saad Saad’s has done impressive research and work in areas that involve medical operations and important plans of action regarding medical procedures. For his prestigious medical work, in 2014, Dr. Saad Saad received the Compassionate Doctor Recognition and the Patients’ Choice Award.


The Patients’ Choice Award acknowledges those medical practitioners who have made a real difference in the lives of his or her patients. Those physicians who have a near-perfect score based on their patients’ opinions are also a big part of the criteria for earning this award. The Compassionate Doctor certification is given to those physicians who tend to their patients with uttermost kindness. This certification also takes into account their overall attitude and bedside manner for their patients.


Born in Palestine, but raised in the country of Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad stated that he chose to become a surgeon instead of dealing with the intense heat of Kuwaiti summers as an engineer like his siblings had to do because of their career choices. Dr. Saad Saad also chose to be a surgeon because he liked the air-conditioning environment.


Dr. Saad Saad received his medical degree in 1971 from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt. He graduated tops in his class and gave the commencement speech at his graduation.


When asked how he stayed productive and was able to turn ideas into tangible objects, Dr. Saad Saad stated that organization is the key to his productivity and that productivity helps him to complete assignments. Learn more:

Betsy DeVos Hits Ground Running as U.S. Secretary of Education

After Vice President Mike Pence cast a historic deciding vote, Betsy DeVos became the United States Secretary of Education for President Trump’s administration. One of her first acts was to announce that President Trump was rescinding the bathroom executive order issued by President Obama. Therefore, students had to use the restroom corresponding to their assigned sexual identity.


She also almost immediately called the two heads of the largest teachers unions in the United States to suggest that they meet with her. The president of the National Education Association refused to meet with her while the president of the American Federation of Teachers said that she and Betsy had made plans to visit schools together.


While some opponents argue that Betsy DeVos is out to end public education in America, she would argue that she is determined to see that each child receive the very best education possible regardless of the income level of their parents. She told Cal Thomas in an interview that 75 to 80 percent of parents wanted the right to send their children to the school that they felt met their child’s needs the best.


Betsy was educated in Holland Christian Schools, but from her childhood, she has a firm grasp of the state of public education since her mother was a public school teacher. Her father started as a machine operated, but he quit and with the help of two co-workers began his own company. The company grew to be the largest manufacturer of die-cast machines in the United States.


Betsy also believes that the best ideas for education start at the lowest levels. She says that on her tour of public schools she has been pleased to meet many very dedicated educators. When asked by Thomas if she thought the office of United States Secretary of Education should be abolished, she said no. She does, however, believe that its power should be severely curtailed. She says that the federal government should only make sure that the needs of special education students are being met and that anti-discrimination issues are dealt with effectively.


Betsy has been very active in her new role. She has already sent several Every Student Succeeds Act plans back to the states to be revised saying that they were not ambitious enough. She has already sent plans back saying that states cannot use advanced placement tests to determine if a student is able to move ahead or what programs they should attend.


Betsy DeVos may have barely become education secretary, but she has hit the ground running. She is determined to work with those who vehemently oppose school choice while holding states responsible for educating students effectively. Learn more:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up with Allscripts and NantHealth to Provide Transparency in Cancer Treatment

PR Newswire’s recent article “Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform”, reveals how the combination of two platforms can improve cancer treatment regimens.

Clinical Pathways is a platform that integrates eviti and Allscripts Sunrise. Eviti is the NantHealth software program that houses one of the largest libraries of treatment options to oncologists. Allscripts Sunrise is the software program that houses the electronic health records of patients which allows doctors to have immediate access to all the relevant health information for each patient.

Because Clinical Pathways combines these two powerhouses of cancer treatment, clinicians will have access to a variety of data that should help eliminate guesswork. Instead of being constantly submerged in new data and research, doctors will be able to search through the different treatment options while also providing patients with greater transparency regarding their treatment options.

Each treatment regimen provided by the program comes with custom treatments specific to the patient’s health history, comparison points including the market cost of delivery, easy orders, treatment regimens mapped with the EHR’s to provide the best therapies for the patient, and up-to-date guidelines on response rates and adverse effects.

The program also allows specialists to have access to the unbiased information of the peer-reviewed articles and regimens for all different cancer types. The library consists of information from oncology associations, government agencies, and peer-reviewed literature.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are based in Florida, though they have hospitals in five major cities including: Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and Tulsa. They are consistently rated as some of the highest quality treatment facilities.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are dedicated to providing the best care to their patients. Each patient has a team of specialists in house to help them through each of the different phases of treatment and recovery. They seek to provide high quality of life by managing both the physical and emotional toll of cancer treatment.

The career life of Mr. James Dondero.

Close friends and family popularly know James Dondero as Jim. He attended the University of Virginia where he studied accounting and finance. He obtained the highest honors (Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma) from McIntire School of Commerce.

Additionally, he received a certification as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

James Dondero also worked as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC’s Protective Life subsidiary. The firm grew in business to more than $2 billion from 1989 to 1993.

He doubles as the president as well as co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Together with its affiliates, Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a SEC-registered investment advisor that has nearly $14.9 billion of assets under its management.

Highland Capital utilizes an array of diverse classes as well as structures in the alternative landscape that include separate accounts, hedge funds, particular and distressed situations private equity, mutual funds, CLOs and ETFs.

Besides, Highland is popularly known as leading alternative asset manager that has a historical focus on the healthcare sector. In fact, it manages about $2.3 billion in healthcare assets in the form of mutual and institutional funds.

As a committed philanthropist, Mr. James actively participates in support of initiatives in public policy, education as well as veteran affairs. Before Mr. Dondero founded HCM in 1993, he was involved in the creation of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life.

His career kicked off in 1984 as an analyst at the Morgan Guaranty training program. He later served as Corporate Bond Analyst and then as Portfolio Manager at the American Express. While he worked as the Chief Investment Officer, James helped in taking the firm from its inception to more than $2 billion in 1989 to 1993.

The portfolio management experience of Mr. James Dondero includes investment grade corporates, mortgage-backed securities, leveraged bank loans, emerging bank loans, high-yield loans, common stocks, preferred stocks as well as derivatives.

Lately, the Highland Capital obtained a 5-star title for the Global allocation of 2014 by the Morningstar, and the toped ranked Healthcare Equity Fund in 2014 as well as the Lipper Award for the Floating Rate Opportunities.

How Clearabee Is Helping To Keep The UK Clean

Clearabee is a United Kingdom rubbish clearance company. They have become the biggest company of their kind in London as they have exceedingly fast arrival times and offer a great amount of value for what they charge. Another advantage they offer over their competitors is that they don’t add on the London congestion charge. They offer their rubbish clearance services six days a week including mornings, evenings, and Saturdays.

As an eco-friendly business, when Clearabee picks up rubbish they make sure it is handled responsibly. 100% of the rubbish clearance they do is recycled and never ends up in a landfill. At Clearabee they also offset the emissions that come out of their Man and a Van vehicles.

To set up a rubbish clearance pickup a customer can either call or email Clearabee’s customer service. Once the van arrives and they see what rubbish needs to be eliminated they offer a final quote. They clear everything up that day even if it takes multiple trips to a Transfer Station.

The man and van that arrive to do the rubbish clearance will do all of the work loading the rubbish in the van and taking it away. They offer their services throughout the UK, not just in London, and can do most locations in the country the same day that they are contacted. Clearabee also never uses subcontractors so you can be confident that the van that pulls up will be driven by one of their employees.