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Talkspace: the world of online therapy

Users of Talkspace, an innovated app that provides online mental health care, have been reporting more improvement in the state of their mental health from weeks using the app than they had from months of traditional therapy.

Oren Frank, the founder of Talkspace, launched the platform in 2012 and it has grown rapidly since then. In 2017 the app had 500,000 subscribers and Talkspace employed more than 1000 healthcare professionals.

Magellan Health, a large insurance provider, has shown an interest in Talkspace and soon plans to offer the service to the customers they insure. This means that thousands of people will soon have access to mental health care from a specialist any time they need it.

To prove that online therapy is effective, Frank cites a study of 99,000 United States veterans. The veterans were given access to online therapy and by the conclusion of the study mental health hospitalization amongst participants had fallen by 25 percent.

The professional therapist at Talkspace are specifically trained to provide quality care through the mediums that the platform employs, including text messages, emails, and video chatting. Users of Talkspace can access their therapist at any time, with some plans offering only text message communication, and other plans offering video chat therapy sessions.