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The Life Story of Rick Smith

Rick Smith works with Securus Technologies where he holds the position of CEO. He was named as by the company as its CEO in 2008 and has ever since been steering the company to achieve tremendous success and growth. Rick Smith has in the past worked in many different sectors such as finance, telecommunications, business development, IT, and operations among others. Securus Technologies has managed to emerge as the leading leader when it comes to the provision of high quality service and products to the corrections sector. Rick Smith is known to have an outstanding performance record as well as unique expertise that have enabled him to lead Securus to the next level.Rick Smith posses’ excellent managerial and leadership skills that have managed to position him on the top of the list. Based in Dallas, Securus Technologies is a company that normally works with correctional facilities as well as other law enforcement agencies who are their main clients.

Securus currently serves more than a million inmates who are in 2,600 facilities. Through the leadership of Rick Smith, the company has committed itself to offering outstanding technological services when it comes to the corrections community in the United States.Securus Technologies is also involved in other services such as biometric analysis, investigation, emergency response and incident management among others.Rick Smith has a very strong educational background. He is a graduate of the State University of New York in Buffalo where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Rick also went to the same university where studied his Master’s Degree in Engineering. Rick Smith graduated from the University of Rochester where he managed to get his associate’s degree.

The excellent educational background of Rick Smith has given him outstanding management and leadership skills. He managed to hold many different positions such as the Chief Information Officer while working with Global Crossing North America Inc from 1972 to 1998.In the past, Rick Smith worked at the Frontier Corporation where he exercised his skills and experience in telecom. While working at the company, he worked in different departments like business development, operations, information technology as well as finance. Rick Smith served at the Eschelon Telecom Inc from 1998 to 2007 and managed to hold a number of different positions. He served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer from 1998 and 2000 as well as the president from 2000 to 2003. While working at Eschelon, Rick Smith managed to grow the revenue of the company from its initial $30 million to approximately $350 million. Rick Smith also serves as the chairman of Securus Technologies where he is responsible for ensuring that the strategic plans of the company are implemented. He serves as a role model to many young people who would like to join his field of work.

EOS Lip Balm Makes Lips Softer

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EOS Lip Balm in Your Pocket

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Why EOS?

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