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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Is One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has grown from a small local and regional company that processed titles to one of the World’s fastest growing companies. Today the company has over 600 employees located in three states and they have eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage companies and lenders as clients.


The company has had a meteoric rise as far as its abilities and the fact that they deliver what they say they will deliver with a great degree of accuracy and speed. When a title company in Decatur, Illinois, or Waco, Texas order their document’s for a closing on the house, Nationwide has the technology to get those documents to the clients instantly. The clients have their accounts and can order the documents easily online. It is a simple matter to order with the client’s proprietary code furnished to them by Nationwide.


Nationwide has over 600 employees located in three states. The headquarters are located in Palm Harbor, Florida, and there is a big Data Center in Dallas Center. All of the processes are backed up in different locations just in case there is an emergency. If that should occur, the backup system takes over in an instant, and everything is fine.


Heavy investments in technology have been a regular event for the executives at Nationwide, but it has been one that has paid off handsomely. There is not a procedure in the company that does not have a quality control system that backs it up. Everyone has audited Nationwide, including Nationwide themselves. The company has had so many questions thrown at it that an encyclopedia could not hold all the information. This is one of the main strengths of the company where even the backups are backed up.


John Hillman is ever praising the employees who are highly trained and schooled in everything that goes on at Nationwide. There are even backups for employees which are other employees. There is a system in place for quick relief if an employee gets in trouble with the fast pace. There can be a time out period while another employee spells the first one for a while.


Nationwide has experienced tremendous growth in the past several years, over 700% in fact since 2008 to the present. If the past is any indication of what is in store for the future of Nationwide, things are about ready to get very exciting indeed.

Samuel Strauch Propagates Investing In Panama

Samuel Strauch looks at various reasons why Panama is able to attract so many international players who are willing to build homes, as well as offices besides hotels here.

One reason is that Panama has prices that are more accessible prices than those of Miami, besides others. It has a good future too. This is why people are investing here for a second or a third house. They can get one facing the sea along with all the comfort as well as equipped with the latest technology. Hence this city is fast becoming a hot destination for foreigners who are coming in from different parts of the world to make their investments here.

Samuel Strauch is the president of Affinity International Realty. He explains that his decision to invest in projects here is because of the strong demographic as well as economic growth of this area. People can have a home here for their holidays. Or else they can have a permanent house here.

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The future for Panama is looking very bright. This is because the country is going through a positive change. There appears to be a strong recovery. All this is being reflected in various areas of Real Estate. Samuel Strauch says that most of those who are choosing Panama today are Americans who have retired. They would now like to enjoy their free time. In addition, they are looking for access to restaurants, and shopping malls besides transportation where they can get attractive discounts.


Another factor is the accessible cost of living that is attracting a lot of Mexicans here. According to Samuel Strauch, it is the Venezuelans who are willing to put their money here. This is mainly for political reasons. They decide to emigrate from their country in order to live safely in a place that has a stable economy.

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