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Boraie Development Believes in a Bright New Jersey Future

The Aspire, a 238-unit luxury apartment development in New Brunswick, NJ, is located right next door to the New Brunswick train station[1]. Neighborhood shopping, dining, and nightlife abound. The luxury complex, built by Boraie Development, LLC, includes 10,000-square feet of retail space. The 17-story complex is located adjacent to the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and the Children’s Cancer Center. Amenities include an attached parking garage with direct elevator access to the lobby; a 24/7 doorman, a fitness center and dedicated Yoga area; a resident’s club with indoor and outdoor spaces for play, work, or rest; and private storage including indoor bike storage.


An article on headlined, “Star Comes Home to Build in Newark,” in the WSJ[2], discusses how Shaquille O’Neal has partnered with Boraie Development in New Jersey. O’Neal, the most physically dominant player ever to compete in the NBA, grew up in New Brunswick, NJ. One of his childhood haunts, an old theater in New Brunswick, is now the CityPlex12, a project on which O’Neal partnered on the $7 million renovation with Boraie.


O’Neal brings money and name recognition to the partnership, while Boraie brings business and political connections and 30-years of real estate development experience to the table. Their partnership grows stronger every day. O’Neal said the organization focuses on bringing housing and commercial development to the state’s struggling urban downtowns. O’Neal on said he wants to maintain that focus to avoid spreading himself too thin. O’Neal said that his real goal is to bring beauty back to New Jersey’s struggling urban downtowns.


Boraie Development, LLC is based in New Brunswick, NJ. Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant who came to the US to obtain a Ph.D. in chemistry, but got sidetracked by the potential in New Jersey real estate, founded the company about 30 years ago[3]. Boraie has three main groups — real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing.


Omar Boraie and his children are firm believers that philanthropy is a moral imperative. Boraie’s son, Sam, serves as a director at Elijah’s Promise[5], which strengthens the community of New Brunswick by providing more than 100,000 meals a year to homeless families in the city.[4]


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Omar Boarie is Thanked for His Work

I think that it is safe to say that Omar Boraie is the Savior for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was solely because of his passion and determination that the city of New Brunswick came out of the grave and is thriving as one of the major power players in the state of New Jersey today.


40 years ago the New Jersey State Senate was in discussion on whether or not New Brunswick, New Jersey was going to die. Many people on both the left and the right were pointing to several factors that would inevitably lead to New Brunswick death. They pointed out that the family atmosphere was decaying at an alarming rate. They also pointed out that the middle class was leaving as a result. They stated that as the middle class left, jobs were beginning to decline. As jobs declined, so did the tax revenue which left less money in the city coffers. As city resources grew scarce, various nonprofits and politicians fought for the few resources still available.


Omar Boraie was one of people at the Senate hall that day. He refused to believe that that New Brunswick was close to death. Omar Boraie set out to heal the city.


Omar Boraie began working to make New Brunswick become a place everyone wanted to raise a family. He knew full that businesses could not do such a thing. In order to help New Brunswick thrive and turn around, he would need to work through the various churches and nonprofits in the community. He agreed that if they developed strategies that would work, he would provide them the necessary money to make these dreams a reality. Check out for more.



Omar Boraie also began implementing a strategy that he hoped would bring back the middle class. This strategy was simple. He decided to take his most luxurious office space but lease it for a price that a young middle class professional could afford. This made his prices competitive and enticed the middle class professional to set up shop in his city.


Boraie Development recently stood in front of the New Jersey State Senate and announced that the city of New Brunswick would not die anytime soon. He was awarded the medal of compassion for his determination and loyalty to the city. They are looking at building a statue in his honor, which is the least they could do.



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Nick Vertucci: The Real (Estate) Story

Nick Vertucci is a retired police officer, businessman and, since 2007, a real estate consultant on Twitter. He works out of Orange, California. He is also a real estate investor, coach, mentor. the host of “The Real Estate Flipping Hour” radio show, and the man behind the famous Flip With Nick real estate seminars.

Additionally, Vertucci is the owner of the Nick Vertucci Companies. For those not in the know, The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. are purported to find the solutions to any problems related to investing in bank-owned real estate foreclosures at They work with their clients every single step of the way through every project with which they are involved.

Nick Vertucci Companies simplify the entire process of successfully investing in real estate according to He also has the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which he launched in 2013. Since the first class began, the NV Real Estate Academy is reportedly one of the most popular educational programs out there.

He helps his pupils across the country reach their personal goals through investing in real estate. Vertucci was also the president and the CEO (chief executive officer) of Coastline Micro, Inc. He was with the company for six years from 2001 through 2007.

Vertucci graduated from Canyon High School in California in 1984. He has numerous special skill areas. They include (but are not limited to) buyer representation, foreclosures, investing, investment properties, leases, and sales.

On his school’s website, Nick Vertucci says it was not until he could call himself “a millionaire” that he decided to teach others his system so they too would be able to “get out of debt”, make lots of money, and significantly “transform their family’s financial legacy for good.” What he has learned since founding the school is that most people “have the desire and the drive, but” they do not have “the know-how.” That’s the whole purpose of his academy at

Arthur Becker’s Advice to Prospective Entrepreneurs

Arthur Becker is a prominent investor who has acquired a large amount of wealth and made a name for himself in the technology and real estate sectors. He is currently a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, an organization he co-founded after he sold NaviSite in 2011 to Time Warner.

Recently, Arthur was interviewed by Ideamensch, and he exposed his sentiments on real estate, technology, being an entrepreneur and his life experiences. In the interview, he explained that he became active in real estate and technology during his time at NaviSite and ZINIO. Because Mr Becker loves what he does, he has gained much freedom making his days flexible without any pre-set schedules.

When asked what brings his ideas to life, Becker explained that he is most efficient when collaborating with individuals he respects. Additionally, he loves coordinating the efforts of experts to execute a particular project. Mr. Becker is particularly interested in modern trends in biotechnology, particularly those relating to cancer treatment. Moreover, he explains that for one to be a successful entrepreneur they need to have a solid understanding with their management team. Also, one has to identify and direct the right people to his vision to succeed in business.

Looking back at his earlier decision of withdrawing from his second year at graduate school to focus on his construction company, Becker proclaims that he would change his decision and concentrate more on his studies.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in photography and ceramics. He later joined Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth for his MBA in 1973. More details can be found on

As per Perez Hilton, before he started working at Madison Partners, LLC, Becker was working as the Chairman and CEO of ZINIO, LLC from 2012 to 2015. The company was a giant in the digital newsstand. From 20002 to 2010, Arthur was the CEO of NaviSite; A NASDAQ quoted corporation that offered internet technology services, hosting and colocation to firms in the Unites States and the United Kingdom. NaviSite was sold to Time Warner in 2011 after which he moved to Madison Partners, LLC.

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