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All About Rodrigo Terpins

He is a famous Brazilian rally driver whose brother is also recognized in Brazil as Michel Terpins, also a rally driver who has achieved great. Rodrigo Terpins is also a successful man and has been able to complete five Sertoes Rally when he was at 44 years. His passion started at a tender age for speed and sport. He was advantaged because he had been born in a sports family. His father Jack Terpin was a successful basketball player. His father also became the president of both Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council.


The excellent family which Rodrigo came from was what made him pursue rally driving. He had rally driving passion and it became the household name which was in the off-road rally championships which were held all over Brazil. He has been able to grace most of them and managed to trounce his opponents without being said to be lucky but it is a routine basis.


Rodrigo Terpin is now racing for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally, which is a team that has his talented and equally competitive brother Michel Terpins. Together with his brother, they have been able to race in the last 4 seasons with T-Rex on board. This was developed specifically for them by MEM Motorsport organization. Rodrigo other passion in his life is the T1prototype category that he has been having on various occasions and have been noted as the reason why he will still be remaining with a big interest in the rally. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Rodrigo and his brother have been able to participate and successfully been able to compete in 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship that was recently completed. They had to cover the overall distance which was 2,600 km which took them through 2 states and also seven diverse and different courses which were specifically designed so that they could test the ability to be dynamic and physical & mental agility of the people competing. Rodrigo team and his brother ended the race 3rd, where they were ranked as number 8 overall which included 38 competitors.


He is currently feeling at content at his career growth rate where he is currently trying to achieve a family and career balance which will enable him to receive the best from what both worlds hold for him. You can visit