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Whitney Wolfe is Changing Dating Culture with Bumble

Fresh out of college, Whitney Wolfe started working with dating apps early in her career. Online dating has had a big boom as the stigma is washing away, and the benefits are becoming clear. Dating apps like Bumble speed up the process while increasing value of each encounter. A lot of distractions are gone, and people can be direct with their intentions, which can be a lot harder with standard dating apps.

Surveys done by PewInternet has shown online dating is much more popular than ever with 59% of internet users say it’s a great way to meet people. Now 1 out of 10 Americans have tried online dating, and two-thirds of them go on a date using apps like Bumble. Consumer Reports found 44% of daters who had success, using the web and apps, resulted in marriages or serious long-term relationships.In truth, the dating scene has changed a lot with all this talk about dating on the go. Bumble and its CEO Whitney Wolfe are changing it even further as the dating app gives women the first move. In 2014 Whitney created Bumble using her experience from other dating apps, and the road has been fast paced and quite promising. Just this year, she was awarded one of Forbes 30 Under 30 as a significant figured in the tech world.

At the age of 27, Whitney Wolfe has displayed ingenuity and knows the appeal of the young generation. Whitney has talked about having a cultural understanding of different ways of life, and that knowledge is definitely showing. Apps like Bumble start a connection that pushes back boundaries that often limit dating offline. With a strong start in an early career, we’ll have to see just how far Whitney will be taking this app and other ideas into a new digital, dating world.