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Pick And Choose A FreedomPop Service To Get Started

Since many cell phone companies swear that they are the best, there is a lot of speculation about who really has the best cell phone service. Many cell phone service providers will have all kinds of services available as well as phones that they have for sale. A cell phone company that has several services is better than a company that only provides cell phone service, especially since most customers have the need for more than one type of technology, other than using cell phones. If a cell phone company offers Wi-Fi service, Internet service for the home, and portable hotspots, then that’s the type of company most customers would want to work with.

FreedomPop is a company that has several types of services that they are offering, which can all be found in a FreedomPop review. Reading through a review will give enough information about the company and their services to allow customers to make their decision if they want to join the company for their services are not. First and foremost, FreedomPop is a cell phone service provider, which is their most popular service. Of all the different cell phone plans that they have available, their unlimited cell phone plan has become most popular.

Those who get the unlimited service plan will enjoy unlimited talk time, text messages and all the data they can use. The unlimited phone plans do come with 4G data, but the data is capped at 1 GB unless additional 4G data has been purchased. Those that need constant use of their GPS as well as a way to download applications and to surf the Internet will enjoy the unlimited service because they’ll never be without data. Those who need more 4G data can purchase it as they need it and add it on as an extra to their service.

FreedomPop offers Wi-Fi service that comes unlimited and can be found in millions of hotspots across the US. Those who need the Wi-Fi service only have to pay five dollars each month and can access it through their FreedomPop Wi-Fi application. Home Internet service is available once the user purchases a FreedomPop hub, and 1 GB of free data will be given with the home Internet service. Those who are need of a portable hotspot will receive 500 MB of free data and can get additional data with one of the several plans they choose from FreedomPop for the service.

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