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The Highly Accomplished Career Life Of Robert Ivy

As the CEO of AIA since 2011, an author, practicing architect and editor, Robert Ivy is an immensely recognized figure in the architectural profession being the editor in chief of Architectural Record since 1996. The widely regarded accomplisher has an impressive record of success cultivating productive cooperation between the public and private sectors in the worldwide energy, science and technology domains. From 1981 to 1996, he was the main critic for a couple of national publications.

Appreciated for setting higher benchmarks in budget developing and planning of cost effective allocations for future resources, Robert Ivy is widely respected as a prominent person in energy’s intercontinental scope. Carrying a whole lot of experience, Robert Ivy has served a senior advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Clean Coal and Carbon Management for 5 years, Director of DOE China for 2 years, Program Manager for the US Department of Homeland Security for 4 years and in the US army for 5 years as a Chief Counterproliferation Branch and Nuclear Branch. All this experience makes Robert Ivy have a superior understanding of large-scale database & modeling projects design and management.

In terms of making Architecture more accessible, he is recommended worldwide based on his amazing career achievements and experience. Since beginning his reign with AIA as CEO in 2011, the global presence and influence of the organization has expanded and currently sits at its highest membership level.

Being a worthy ambassador of the profession, he recently received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award; marking the first time in history an Architect receiving the Polk Award.

Now in third edition, his impressive biography published back in 2001 which outlines the works of an American architecture who is also an apprentice was cited as the highest standards of scholarship, designs and production..

His design of a tactical methodology accurately identified and then disabled WMD production facility is included in many of his achievements. Furthermore, architectural fraternity unanimously agreed to name him Master Architect after his perfection of the process of communicating the essence of designs. He is the only architect selected in the 21st century.

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FAIA’s Best: Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been the first out of many of the Architects in his field to receive the Polk award. An award given for special honor to artists connected to the Mississippi art Network as well as patrons. He was hand picked from a small selection of other artists. Other artists include Morgan Freeman and Walter Anderson.

Robert Ivy’s performance surpasses any others and is well fitting. The Construction and design was led by McGraw Hills Robert Ivy as well. In China he made a mandarin version for the architectural record as well as the Middle East. He published an autobiography titled Fay Jones: Architect.

Alpha Rho Chi also previously honored him for National architecture. They believe that he truly understands and masters communication through design, value, as well as execution and efficiency. He is the seventh latest to receive this honor to accept this honor within a century. He is the first 21st century architecture receive it as well.. University of Arkansas Fay jones School of Architecture also deemed him worthy of the dean’s medal in 2017. His schooling as far as his bachelor’s degree was done in English from Sewanee from the University of the South as well as Tulane University. There he acquired a masters in architecture. Before then, he was enlisted as a u.s. Navy officer.

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An honorary Lifetime Achievement award ceremony will be held honor Ivy as well as a stained glass designer by the name of Andrew Cary Young. AIA has felt that Ivy has significantly helped grown institution as well as their footprint in the industry. The group’s history is well over a hundred and sixty years old. China and Canada being the newest additions to the global practices and chapters, Architects within this group have been all around the world. A List of other well-known Architects can be found on the MIAL’s website.

The lifetime of architectural experience Robert Ivy has makes him the best candidate for all these Awards, and is well deserved of them. The residents of Mississippi are honored to have one of their very own be honored such high recognitions and achievements. He has learned much and worked hard for these achievements and continues to grow and learn. Each and every day he works hard to obtain new skills and surpass more architectural standards. Robert Ivy will go down in history as one of the, if not the best, architects history has ever known.

Robert Ivy is the current CEO of American Institute of Architects.

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