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Paul Mampilly: Blockchain can be used to End Identity Theft

Paul Mampilly is one of the great editors of the Banyan Hill Publishing. In one of his articles, he shared about why he is set to abandon identity theft protection for blockchain security. He first gave a story on the queuing process of the Motors Vehicle Department. In this part, he said that he was renewing his driver’s license and ended up spending almost the entire day waiting at a field office. He affirmed that many people usually have to queue for a long time even if they showed up early in the morning. Paul Mampilly proceeded and informed his readers about the necessary documents at the DMV to strengthen his argument on the significance of blockchain security. He noted that people are required to show their passport, Social Security card, birth certificate or any other forms of identification.

Currently, people are expected to show three certified forms of identification on top of mailing address prove. It becomes sophisticated and time consuming for the individuals who have misplaced their critical identification documents to get replacements. It is also an expensive process since there are set replacement charges. Paul Mampilly suggested on the possibilities of saving time by devising a different way of individual identification. He indicated about blockchain security. In the recent past, Paul Mampilly noted that he wouldn’t mind having a microchip if at all it made his life more comfortable. He also declared that he was even ready to do away with his wallet, and other sensitive documents if he could get a suitable alternative.

He stated that blockchain was the only best way that could be used to eliminate the documentation processes. He went ahead and gave a brief description of how blockchain technology works. Many people usually have a notion that blockchain is only related to the cryptocurrency. This is not the case since blockchain is a method of a secure digital ledger that backs cryptocurrency. The blockchain is currently used to provide security on various bits of sensitive online information. Precisely, blockchain can be defined as an alterable electronic type of data. In blockchain, every critical data collection is put in a block whereby multiple blocks makes a chain.

Peter Briger: Building an Investment Fortress at Fortress Investment Group

For decades, Forbes Billionaires List has become the benchmark for measuring and ranking the wealth of individuals and companies alike. It gives a clear picture of how capital flows throughout the global marketplace and can hence be used to engage the success of individuals when it comes to growing their individual fortune. The competiveness of the list in the face of growing number of billionaires globally is testament to the motivation and wealth creation acumen among individuals globally. Therefore, making it to the list is laudable achievement for any corporate leader and entrepreneur. Yet it is such milestone that Peter Briger achieved in 2008 when he made to the highly competitive World’s Billionaires List. The co-chairman and principal of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group debuted on the list at #962.

The rise in Peter Briger’s personal fortunes is reflective of the firm’s meteoric growth in value and position in the alternative asset management sector. Since joining the company’s management committee in 2002, Briger has overseen a radical transformation and rise in the company’s value and share value. The company has grown into one of the largest investment companies globally which attracted interest of other big industry players which culminated in the sale of the company to SoftBank in a multibillion dollar deal. The sale of Fortress’s shares to SoftBank exponentially increased the wealth base of Peter Briger. However, he retained his position on the company’s management team.

Career and Education Background

Peter Briger is a seasoned corporate manager with a sterling track record. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he made a name for himself at Goldman Sachs where his excellent asset management and investment skills saw him made partner in 1996. At Fortress Investment Group, Briger continued his excellent track record and rose to co-chair its board in 2009. He oversaw the expansion of the company into new markets with the opening of credit and real estate management subsidiaries, which he is currently overseeing.A philanthropist with deep commitment to community-based initiatives, Peter Briger is a Princeton University alumnus where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later joined University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree.

Technology Leader William Saito on the Opportunities of Econonomic Downturns

William Saito is an entrepreneur, author, and recognized leader in the technology industry. During his long career, he has served as the founder of numerous startups, including I/O Software, Inc. Through I/O Software, Inc., William Saito oversaw the development of cybersecurity solutions in partnership with such companies as Sony and Microsoft. The company was acquired by Microsoft after innovation of authentication software used by Microsoft Windows. William Saito, who began his first company while still attending high school, has maintained a long interest in software development and entrepreneurship.


William Saito is a valuable contributor to the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Because of his successful work, he has been become a distinguished authority on cybersecurity and provides consultation services to national governments around the world. William Saito has been named by Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan” and is a start-up consultant for National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology as well as Foundation Board Member at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Recognized as a leader in the arena cybersecurity, he provides consultation to several national governments around the world.


In an interview conducted at a technology symposium in Tokyo, Japan, William Saito provided important advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders. During this interview, William Saito addressed the topic of entrepreneurship during times of economic downturn. William Saito observed that times of financial crisis can provide unique opportunities to develop the necessary skills for a successful business. William Saito noted that less availability of funding and higher risk for entrepreneurs often leads to increased fiscal responsibility and better business practices that ensure the long-term success of the company. Because of this, financial uncertainty can provide the ideal time for the entrepreneur to establish a new business.


During this interview, William Saito also discussed the different perceptions of risk between Asian and Western cultures. In Asian cultures, failure is avoided because there is a lack of acceptance for failure. William Saito contrasted the attitude of Western culture that failure is actually a stepping stone to success and something to be embraced by entrepreneurs. The observations made by William Saito are highly valuable because they enable the entrepreneur to recognize the many advantages of starting a business during times of economic adversity. Rather than avoiding risk, it should be embraced because economic downturns can become a platform of enduring success.

You Will Not Believe What Shervin Pishevar Has Had To Say About Recent Events

Those who are not on Twitter are really missing out on some of the more interesting commentary from big thinkers and those who have proven themselves to be successful people. A lot of them congregate on Twitter to share some of those pearls of wisdom free of charge. One of those people is Shervin Pishevar.

The man first became famous when he made a nice fortune for himself as an early investor in Airbnb. Wouldn’t you like to have been following his advice before that stellar pick?! Now, Shervin Pishevar commentates on the modern day happenings in the economy on both a domestic and international level. He likes to talk about how he believes certain factors will play a role in other things that happen. For the most part, he has proven to be right a lot of the time.

One of the things that Shervin Pishevar just had to talk about was the recent decline in the stock market of around one-thousand points. He saw this happening just as everyone else did and wondered what could have facilitated it. He decided that it might have to do with the policies of the President. He started to dub what was going on “#TrumpDump”. This was his pithy way of saying that the President was at least partly responsible for what was taking place in the markets. It didn’t take long before what Shervin Pishevar had to say about this became a trending topic on Twitter for a while.

This was just the first Shervin Pishevar tweet in a series that was fifty tweets and twenty-one hours long. He was to talk about how Bitcoin was also not a safe investment in his view. He also stated that there is going to be a lot of inflation in the economy for the foreseeable future. He tied that up with the idea that China is going to become the real superpower in the world in the coming decades.

All of these tweets were something that people could debate amongst themselves, but it is hard to deny that Shervin Pishevar is a man who knows a thing or two about the economy. His opinions should be given some weight.

The Career of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a prominent business leader in Canada. During his career, he has enjoyed a ton of career success. He is currently the CEO of United Technologies. United Technologies is one of the largest companies in Canada.

Louis Chenevert started out working for a small technology company after college. He never dreamed that he would become CEO of a major corporation.

After a few years of working, he decided to go back to college. Although it was difficult to manage both college and work, he was able to graduate from a business program in just a few years. This college experience helped him to grow within his career.

Morale at United Technologies

When Louis Chenevert took over at United Technologies, the morale was low throughout the company. Many of the best employees were leaving the company. Louis Chenevert decided to improve morale in several ways. He increased the wages of almost every employee at United Technologies. He also elevated the benefits offered by the company.

The turnover rate at United Technologies is now much lower than the industry average. Louis Chenevert is an excellent example of the impact that one person can make on a company.

Financial Planning

Louis Chenevert has increased the sales and profits at United Technologies over the years. He is working with some of his executives on a plan for the future. There are tremendous opportunities with artificial intelligence and automation. However, new technology is expensive to develop.

Louis Chenevert also spends time helping people in the local community. He donates both his time and his money to help children from impoverished areas. Some children do not have access to basic needs like food and water. Louis Chenevert enjoys helping people who struggle financially. He is involved in various charities throughout Canada. He also encourages people at United Technologies to help others.

Foresite Capital’s CEO, Jim Tananbaum, And Other Investors Finance Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health has just completed its series-A funding that saw them raise $14 million. This fund shall be channeled towards enhancing the company’s neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis platform. This innovative platform seeks to study brain function through interactions on smartphone devices. It will monitor the patient’s processing speed, memory, attention and executive functions of the brain. The financing round was made a success courtesy of the contributions made by Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital, ARCH Ventures, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact fund and Berggruen Holdings. The results of the clinical trial of tracking mental health will be released later. Jim Tananbaum said that Mindstrong Health has zeroed in on the critical challenges facing the medical community. He said that the new platform will improve patient‘s outcome and help physicians to modernize their healthcare systems. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum serves as the founding CEO of Foresite Capital, a renowned healthcare growth equity firm. Dr. Jim has an extensive experience in the field of healthcare entrepreneurship and investment considering that he has been in the industry for over two decades. Foresite Capital specializes in financial and strategic operational opportunities to build disruptive healthcare brands. The company’s largest investment is Intarcia, a renowned entity that develops type II diabetes implants that help patients to control the disease and lose weight. Notably, Foresite Capital has also financed a revered healthcare franchise known as Aeri Pharmaceuticals. The company develops glaucoma treatment. The other companies that have benefited from Jim Tananbaum’s services are Sequenta, 10X, Nanostring, Editas, Intellia amd Muse Bio.

Jim Tananbaum is the co-founder of Geltex Pharmaceuticals. The company is known for manufacturing two drugs at a lesser cost. It was later sold for $1.6 million. In addition, Jim co-founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and Theravance. The shrewd investor holds an M.D. and MBA from Harvard University and a BS and BSEE from Yale. He is also an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he earned his master’s degree. Recently, Jim was named on Forbes’ Midas List of Top Tech Investors. The program seeks to honor top 100 venture capitalists that make exceptional investments in the leading tech companies of the next generation. The Midas list also recognizes the leaders who create impressive value for their investors.

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Services Offered By UKV PLC

UKV PLC Wines company has a network of negotiators, merchants and traders all over Europe. It specializes in wine trade. The aim is to help people sell their wine stock. It has a collective investment portfolio where an investor receives a share of the wine collection. The collection is managed by the company with various options available for selling if the client so wishes.

The wines company has a free no obligation valuation. The aim of valuation is to make sure the wine sells fast. Before the wine is listed on company stock, a minimum price is agreed after which it sells the wine through a brokerage service. UKV PLC Wines takes a 10 percent commission of the selling price.

The option of independent valuation through wine merchants and brokers is available. The objective is to get an unbiased value of the wine from a third party. The best of the offers is considered before selling the wine.

The interest of UKV PLC Wines is to buy quality wine. Some people have wine stocks on bond, if interested in selling the company offers free valuation. On the other hand, simply go for a straight sale. In a straight sale, the company buys wine directly after valuation and makes an offer. Offers are based on the price that a similar wine will attract on the market.

Selling wine through brokerage service requires stock transfer to the bonded trade account. The purpose is to perform verification of its condition. Verification involves checking the actual wine case, bottle labels, and the level of the wine. If the conditions are satisfactory, the wine is sold on an open market.

Clients of UKV PLC Wines enjoy a 2.5 percent commission. The commission is charged on the selling price and not on where the wine came from.


All The Facts On CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

All There is to Know About CCMP Capital

Voted 17th in the world’s largest equity funds, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private investment firm that has a main goal of putting all of their attention of the leveraged buyout and the growth status of the transactions that are done with the Capital. Becoming an independent firm in August of 2006, CCMP Capital has over 50 people working side-by-side with them currently. One thing most people do not know about CCMP is that they have many different offices, they even have offices in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong and London. They are the experts in the buyout and growth process of equity investments, even in Europe and North America. They are in four different types of industries too. The CCMP of CCMP Capital is actually a derivative of the company’s ancestor companies, Chase Capital, Chemical Venture, Manufacturers Hanover, Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners.

The History That Goes With CCMP Capital

Over the span of the last 20 years, the CCMP Capital company has been known by many different names. CCMP Capital was founded in 1984, and when it was originally founded, the founders had decided to name it Chemical Venture Partners. Since the very beginning of the company, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was supposed to be a private equity and venture capital are for the Chemical Bank company. The acquisition of the Chase Manhattan Bank, in 1996, happened around the same time that Chemical Bank had made the decision to take the Chase name for their company and then the Chemical Venture Partners had decided that they would become the Chase Capital Partners to everyone. After this all happened, the name kept changing, but the values still stayed the same, making them a great company to work with.

The President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen P. Murray

As an investor in private equity and his career as a philanthropist, Stephen Murray was known as a great business man. He earned his title as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company CCMP Capital very quickly. The year 1984 was a great year for Stephen, it was when he had put his mind to joining the Manufacturers Hanover’s Corporation credit analyst training program. Soon after joining the credit analyst training program, he became a part of the MH Equity Corporation, in 1989. Being a mix of the Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group and leveraged finance department, the MH Equity Corporation was an amazing company to work with. JP Morgan Partners soon had Murray in charge of the buyout business of their company. In 2004, Murray became the co-founder of the CCMP Capital company in August. They, just one year later, in 2007, the CCMP Capital company dubbed him as the CEO of CCMP Capital.