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Technology Leader William Saito on the Opportunities of Econonomic Downturns

William Saito is an entrepreneur, author, and recognized leader in the technology industry. During his long career, he has served as the founder of numerous startups, including I/O Software, Inc. Through I/O Software, Inc., William Saito oversaw the development of cybersecurity solutions in partnership with such companies as Sony and Microsoft. The company was acquired by Microsoft after innovation of authentication software used by Microsoft Windows. William Saito, who began his first company while still attending high school, has maintained a long interest in software development and entrepreneurship.


William Saito is a valuable contributor to the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Because of his successful work, he has been become a distinguished authority on cybersecurity and provides consultation services to national governments around the world. William Saito has been named by Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan” and is a start-up consultant for National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology as well as Foundation Board Member at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Recognized as a leader in the arena cybersecurity, he provides consultation to several national governments around the world.


In an interview conducted at a technology symposium in Tokyo, Japan, William Saito provided important advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders. During this interview, William Saito addressed the topic of entrepreneurship during times of economic downturn. William Saito observed that times of financial crisis can provide unique opportunities to develop the necessary skills for a successful business. William Saito noted that less availability of funding and higher risk for entrepreneurs often leads to increased fiscal responsibility and better business practices that ensure the long-term success of the company. Because of this, financial uncertainty can provide the ideal time for the entrepreneur to establish a new business.


During this interview, William Saito also discussed the different perceptions of risk between Asian and Western cultures. In Asian cultures, failure is avoided because there is a lack of acceptance for failure. William Saito contrasted the attitude of Western culture that failure is actually a stepping stone to success and something to be embraced by entrepreneurs. The observations made by William Saito are highly valuable because they enable the entrepreneur to recognize the many advantages of starting a business during times of economic adversity. Rather than avoiding risk, it should be embraced because economic downturns can become a platform of enduring success.

Jason Hope, Why The Internet Of Things Has A Place In The Future

Whoever thought that mobile technology will ever get to where it is today? This thought was only in Jason Hope’s mind an inborn passion towards technology in that; he can be able even to foretell how various sectors of technology are going to be soon.

Mr. Jason is quite a renowned entrepreneur in the area of telecommunication and technology. He attended the Arizona State University where he got his first degree in finance, and then acquired his master’s degree in the same university. After his academics, Jason thought he would instead start his own business other than getting employed and thus began venturing in the area of mobile technology. His high motivation to work in the mobile technology sector was because it gets to a lot of people and benefits people all over the world and he knew that improving mobile technology cannot be exhausted for it has a lot of adjustments to be made.

Hope has a fantastic collection of technology establishments where he gets his living. He began with Jawa Communication Company which gave him way through and connections with other companies. He continues to make a living from various groups that he has come up with which comprise of companies that offer services that deal with marketing, social media, and systems to provide business information. Technology is very essential, and it is needed everywhere and by everybody. There is no point that Jason doubt his business profitability because he knew that it’s not the success that makes a businessman lucky but it’s his attitude towards failure that makes him successful. Technology is all about evolution, and it evolves from now and then, and this is what keeps Jason focused and more creative and always out doing many entrepreneurs in this area.

Jason has a firm belief in the internet of things, and he takes this as the innovative trend of progression in the technology industry. The internet of things can completely advance operation of businesses in future. As long as Hope is concerned, the internet of things will change the world to have all possible gadgets are going to become connected to each other. Many consumers currently are working with smart devices, and soon this will become the only way to move forward. One of the problems with the internet of things is that it can get hacked, but when there are strict terms and policies and very tight technological security there are low chances of hacking taking place.

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Jason Hope: Advocate of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an American entrepreneur, commentator, writer and a futurist who is also a strong advocate of the Internet of things. He looks into the future as a place where there are a lot of opportunities and possibilities, and he is very optimistic on the potential that it holds.

Jason Hope stated that as a kid, he is fascinated with how television shows and movies depict the future. Now that everything is slowly becoming a reality, he is said that he is somewhat excited as to what other surprises are in store for the people. Jason Hope also stated how his company is helping the younger generation develop their ideas for the future. According to him, a lot of students brilliant invention ideas, but does not have any access to financial support. His company is providing financial assistance to those who have the best invention concept, and he is choosing them by cherry picking what he thinks is the most possible to create with the current technology, and the one that will leave the greatest impact

Aside from helping out the youth with their ideas, Jason Hope is also writing articles about what he thinks the future of humanity will be like. Based on the current status of technology available to the world, Jason Hope believes that humans will be experiencing a future where everything is connected. He explained that the introduction of the Internet of things, or IOT for short, have transformed the way devices work. Their interconnectivity had made it easier for us to use them, and they can be a handy device for storage internet connectivity. One example would be Bluetooth devices, which uses wireless technology to be able to connect to other devices. He said that wires would somehow become obsolete in the future if we managed to perfect wireless technology. Other examples of the advantages of the Internet of things would be the instant connectivity of cameras to computers, which would allow faster storage; and the connectivity between household appliances that would make tasks easier to finish. Jason Hope said that with this technologies that we have on hand, innovation and development is inevitable.

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