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George Soros: Investing Heavyweight

Through Soros Fund Management, George Soros has remained a legendary investor. In fact, his family office boasts around $29 billion in assets. Soros has long remained a supporter of liberal causes, and he has thrown all his weight and wallet behind Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election on nybooks. As of right now, Soros has given Clinton almost $7 million to the Priorities USA Action super-PAC.

After Soros fled Hungary, George worked through the London School of Economics. During that time, he served as a waiter and a railway porter before he started a finance at a merchant bank. Later, Soros moved to Wall Street, and in 1969, he establishe a hedge fund using $12 million. After a period, Soros rebranded the hedge fund as Quantum Fund, and in 1992, having Stan Druckenmiller as his partner, Soros made an amazing profit. In fact, he made so much that he developed the legendary reputation of the man who broke the Bank of England.

Throughout his lifetime, Soros has always been a big philanthropist, and he opened a charity called Open Society where he has given away over $11 billion. Spanning to over 100 countries, Soros has a broad foundation network that has remained committed to a vision of having an open society. This society respects individual rights, and world governments will be held accountable for their dark deeds. According to Open Society, no one holds the monopoly on truth, which is a philosophy that has made the Soros foundation unlike any other philanthropy foundation in history. Soros first started giving to charity in 1979. During this time, he helped poor black South Africans who were being oppressed under apartheid. Throughout the 1980s, George Soros undermined communism when when he gave Xerox machines to copy some of the banned texts in the country. It helped to support the much-needed cultural exchanges that benefited the East and West.
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As you can imagine, Soros has not always been popular because of his constant ability to give voice to the poor and oppressed. In fact, Russia even banned some of his books and burned them to eliminate his ideas in their country. In Europe, Soros made one of the largest efforts ever known to bring a voice to the Roma people. He wanted to bring them into mainstream society, and Open Society paid for many university fees and schooling to thousands of young and promising minds. Many of these people were people from armed conflicts and other individuals who had come from marginalized groups.

The big idea behind Soros’s vision is to bring total transparency and accountability to injustice everywhere. When the resource extraction industries were paying off local tyrants to fuel political unrest, Soros created a system that made those who funded this responsible. Some of the independent organizations that Soros has funded includes the Institute for New Economic thinking, Global Witness and the International Crisis Group. Soros has often taken a stand on controversial topics, but he believes that he has had to because there are other people who are unable to make that stand.

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From Sex Slave to Frozen Desert: Yeonmi Park Escapes North Korea

Yeomni Park’s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” is the story of her odyssey from North Korea, trekking through China and the frozen Gobi Desert to South Korea. It is one of the hottest selling books on Amazon. She explains conditions in North Korea, how the people are oppressed and what desperation led her family to escape into China. Park says she has to tell what conditions are like in North Korea, likening what is happening to the Holocaust with its concentration camps, so that others will know and the oppression and cruelty can be stopped.
Yeomni’s father was once a civil servant for the Working Party. He was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp for smuggling metal to feed his starving family. Starvation was commonplace in North Korea in the wake of the Soviet Union collapse, which caused a famine in North Korea. In the labor camp, Yeomni’s father was tortured and became ill with colon cancer, while his wife and daughters were marginalized as part of his punishment. At times, all they had to eat were grass and insects. The family decided it must flee.

Yeomni’s sister ran first, north into China, then Yeomni and her mother. The same night they entered China, Yeomni and mother became victims of sexual trafficking. Yeomni’s mother offered herself in an attempt to save her daughter, but Yeomni, only thirteen at the time, was quickly sold into slavery as well. Yeomni has difficulty talking about this part of her ordeal, as she feels great shame still about the sexual abuse. See more:

In an interview with The New York Times, Park talks about how writing the book made her relive the experience. She had blacked many memories out and as she reconstructed her journey for the book, the details started coming back. Some details she still suppresses because they are too painful and shameful. Yeomni now studies criminal justice in South Korea and works as an activist, recently speaking at the One Young World summit in Dublin and at the UN Human Rights session on North Korea.