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Make Lifeline Screening Part Of Your Annual Checkup

You may not be aware of it, but a Lifeline Screening can save your life. One can also help you live a healthier and more productive life. Since men and women of every age are concerned about this, it just makes sense to schedule a screening at least once a year. For those 50 or older, it is even more important to do this on a regular basis. Health screenings are intended to detect health issues before they can take a toll on the body, so why not schedule yours today.

The purpose for any Lifeline Screening is to help you and your primary physician create preventative measures that can be implemented to help maintain your health. Once the screening is complete, the results are sent to your doctor so that they can work with you to make positive changes intended to counteract any risk factors that could lead to disease.

Screenings that are available through Lifeline Screening include Carotid Artery Screening which uses ultra sound to view the interior of the carotid artery to determine if fatty plaque is building up there. There are no special preparations required for this test. However, if you are having screening for an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, you will be better off wearing loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed. You might also be asked to avoid eating for a few hours before the testing. Testing for Atrial Fibrillation is a test preformed using an EKG device which uses electrodes attached to the body to identify irregular heart beats and requires no special preparations.

A total of five screenings are offered by Lifeline Screening and the cost is literally half what other facilities charge. Getting started with Lifeline Screening involves answering just a few questions related to your medical history. The importance of having these preventative health screenings lies in the fact that you and your doctor will have to opportunity to create a plan to reduce your risks if something unusual shows up during the tests.

Following the instructions provided by Lifeline Screening when you schedule an appointment will make this a more pleasant experience. So, why not make getting this screening part of your regular annual checkup.

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A Detailed Comparison Of Original Medicare And Medicare Advantage Plans

People using Medicare receive their cover either through Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare. There has been a bit of confusion on which between the two represents the best option for users. People have tried to offer a rating system, but in most cases the two systems are portrayed as one and the same.

Remember Medicare Advantage was established as an alternative to Original Medicare and most of the plans contained in the latter are available through Medicare Advantage, but with different regulations. Here is a comparison that should help you understand each well.

Original Medicare explained
This is the traditional program that was and is still managed through the federal government. The program offers both Part A and B plans and you can choose to work with both. The payments submitted by users are deductible and there is provision for coinsurance, usually 20 percent of the approved outpatient cost.

To join the program, you are required to pay premiums on a monthly basis for part B. Part A in this case does not require any premium submissions if you can prove you have been working in the U.S. for at least 10 years. Original Medicare allows you to visit any hospital within the U.S. that accepts Medicare and no referrals are not required to see a specialist, nor will you need prior authorization.

Medicare Advantage plans
Unlike Original Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage plans are provided through private insurance companies. The plans cover Parts A and B and the system is similar to the one available for Original Medicare. One can also request for extra benefits cover such as vision and dental care. Medicare Advantage is considered a private plan that may come with different restrictions depending on the provider.

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health, which has invested in serving the North American market, is a renowned managed healthcare services provider. The company has been acclaimed for offering cost-effective and high-quality services that are managed through innovative procedures and methods. Through effective communication and dedication to work, InnovaCare has been able to serve hundreds of people and is looking to expand its presence in the country.

Focused leadership
Dr. Rick Shinto, who has previously worked with global healthcare companies. Until its sale, Richard Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc., between 2008 and 2012. He is the current President and CEO at InnovaCare Health. He boats of an experience record spanning over 20 years in the health sector. Richard Shinto works with help from Penelope Kokkinides, who has also gathered years of experience in the healthcare sector. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health.

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Recap of Healthcare Companies

Healthcare companies refer to the integration and aggregation of different sectors within a particular economic system that aim at provision of services and goods to treat patients with palliative, curative, rehabilitative and preventive care. These companies are the world’s largest and actively growing ones since most people are much concerned about their well being. In most developing countries the healthcare companies constitute a higher percentage to the gross domestic product hence forming an enormous part in the economy of the countries. The healthcare companies are into three major categories which include medical and dental activities, hospital and other human health activities.

Need for Healthcare Companies

These companies aim at serving a multitude of people to ensure good health and better conditions for the survival in the environment they live in. Companies offer health coverage for those in dire need and also advocate for excellent results from clients who seek the services. The services are not only accessible to hospitals, pharmacies and physicians. Healthcare companies are operated by professionals who are highly trained in that they offer best solutions to the prevailing issues. It is through these industries that we get to understand how to maintain our weights and the diets we are supposed to eat. Consultation and checkups are very much essential for ones wellbeing and it is through these health care companies that we get to know of our statuses. Understanding the body functioning is crucial hence the need for these great companies.

Great Works of Nobilis Healthcare Company

This is a worldwide known institution that has had tremendous growth over the years due to its ability of tracking records in the correct manner. This company operates and owns surgical hospitals which are located in some areas within the United States as well as surgical and ambulatory centers. Nobilis made it known to the public its acquisition of about 60% of the Freedom Pain Hospital. This meant that it was to hold an important position on its own management control and the stakes. Nobilis has had increasing demands for its operations especially on the surgical procedures. It has been noted that the aged and those with obesity are the ones who consult for the surgical services. Nobilis has strived hard in ensuring patients are receiving treatment at affordable prices thus leveling the grounds for all people.


Healthcare companies tend to offer extensive networks to patients thus helping people develop positive attitudes and appreciating themselves.