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No More Mystery Meat For Rover

The coolest part about technology is applications to our daily lives and dog food companies are hopping on-board the technology train to bring premium options to pet owners everywhere. Cropping up in stores everywhere are healthier, fresher food varieties from small companies such as Blue Buffalo to big brands like Purina’s Beneful. During a tour of the Freshpet dog food manufacturing plant in Bethesda, Maryland, as food rolled off the line CEO Richard Thompson cut into a tube and popped it into his mouth to show just how palatable pet food has become. Ingredients such as sweet potatoes, prime cuts of meat, kale and more are now making their way into dog foods as part of the new healthy pet food trend. Beneful brand dog food produces a variety of wet food options that look as if they came right off the stove and belong on a dinner plate with flavors equally tempting such as Romana and Mediterranean Syle Medleys and Beef and Lamb Stew. The key differences between Beneful and traditional canned food boil down to the quality of ingredients used and the process used to prepare and package meals. Quality ingredients that are easily identifiable are vacuum sealed in plastic tubs versus ground mush and mystery meat that comes from aluminum cans. This new way of marketing is being called the eat-like-your-owner strategy and is targeting pet parents who see their dog as a family member and want to feed them wholesome Beneful foods same as they do their human family members; $10.5 billion increase in premium foods sales since 2009 says they are onto something. Freshpet CEO Richard Thompson said this to those who are skeptical of the trend being profitable, “If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family: bingo.” Backing him up is the fact that companies like Purina and Milo’s Kitchen have both bought out smaller, premium dog food manufacturing companies including Merrick Pet Care and the Big Heart Pet Brands. Information in this post was pulled from the Daily Herald’s article that can be found here.