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Secure Management of your Credit Financials

Just recently, Equifax, a U.S-based Credit Monitoring Bureau had an unpleasant security breach with its system hacked and vital information compromised. Andrew Housser highlights what is most likely to happen in the event of a security breach. He states that valuable information on credit can be used to defraud one’s funds hence leading to massive losses. Furthermore, tax pin numbers can be used to file falsified tax returns to acquire illegal tax refunds. These actions are malicious and can cause one to incur unnecessary debt.

One is required to take some steps to ensure safety or mitigate effects of a possible unauthorized access to information. First and foremost, one needs to confirm with the company if the account was compromised and inspect any suspicious activity in their credit reports. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately for relevant action to be taken. After that, security measures have to be implemented with regards to password changes, freezing highly vulnerable accounts, requesting for credit monitoring services. Moreover, one can get protection by having credit history hidden to prevent fraudsters from accessing credit using their credit behavior reports. Sometimes people issue information out to fraudsters willingly, without any slight idea that they are getting scammed. Andrew advises that people need to be wary of individuals hiding behind people’s identities to avoid having their financial information stolen.

Freedom Debt Relief is a financial company established in the year 2002, by Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. It has main offices in San Mateo, California, the USA. It is a subsidiary of another financial company, Freedom Financial Network. The company boasts of an employee base of 1800 staff and approximately 400,000 clients. The company is known for excellent customer service to clients. They negotiate for a reduction in debt on behalf of their clients. They offer financial assistance to clients to help prevent them from filing for bankruptcy.

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews From Real Clients Relieved of Financial Burdens

Freedom Financial provides a service of helping everyday people reach their financial goals. By restoring an individual’s financial health, a world of opportunities will open for them and their families. Started in 2002, Freedom Financial has resolved over 7 billion dollars in debt for the company’s valued clients.

Many clients have given Freedom Debt Relief reviews, and express the joy they felt after working with the certified debt consultants. Within the Freedom Debt Relief review videos, men and women talk about their struggles with debt and the wish that they had sought debt relief help sooner. Gary P. said in his Freedom Debt Relief review that within 30 seconds he felt more relaxed and as though he was not alone anymore in his battle,

The stress of managing old debt, dealing with current debt collectors, and balancing current household budgets can be overwhelming. With Freedom Financial, clients that work along with experienced certified debt consultants understand how the program works step by step. Because everyone has a different debt story, a free assessment can help find a progressive path that works for various income brackets and credit standings. Matt W. stated in his Freedom Debt Relief review that his “biggest regret was not doing it sooner”.Depending on the type of debt, Freedom Financial will advise the best type of debt relief solution. The following are the different type of debt relief strategies:

Debt Settlement
Debt Consolidation
Credit Counseling
Cash-Out Refinance
Do It Yourself

Over the years, Freedom Financial has helped over 400,000 people who just need help from someone they can trust. Julie M. says in her Freedom Debt Relief review that it saved her marriage and household from suffering after her husband was laid off from work. A free Freedom Debt Relief estimate could provide a light at the end of a stressful tunnel, and financial empowerment.

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