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The Leadership Of David McDonald

Meet David McDonald, the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. The individual developed an interest in agriculture when growing up in Iowa farm. McDonald’s family supported him in his quest to bring substantial change in food production, although, his family had no significant grounds regarding finance. In 1987, McDonald studied in Iowa State University attaining a degree in animal science. The individual has six kids and a wife. McDonald’s two older children schools in ISU.

During his time in the institution, David McDonald got the Wallace Outstanding Senior Honor for general excellence. The honor distinguishes students who show commitment and support the institution as alumni. David McDonald works himself up through various posts to the current rank. Therefore, the individual understands the challenges his workers go through at their place of work. As  president OSI Group, McDonald gives internship to learners. Also, McDonald promotes the Alpha Gamma Rho in offering scholarship programs.

David McDonald qualifies in food processing logistics having worked in various government suppliers and retailer shops. Early this year, OSI completed its development to increase the production of chicken output to 24,000 tons periodically. The growth was as a response to the fast-growing market demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain. Today, OSI Group serves more than 20 countries with over 60 facilities and offering more than 20,000 job opportunities. Initially, the company served as a local company referred as Otto and Sons. The growth resulted in the increase in the total production capacity of quality sausage, pork, chicken, and beef outputs to 45,000 tons periodically. Also, the development resulted in an increased number of employees by giving out 20 more job posts. In the 20 positions is the product development officer whose work is to ensure proper control of current products and introduce new ones in the company’s portfolio.

OSI Group developed by adding 22,600 square feet to its workplace. Additionally, the company added shipping and supply area, water and nitrogen tanks, and waste container tanks. In 2016, the group purchased the Tyson Food Plant in North America to maintain the capability to improve its services in the region. Also, the firm bought the Flagship Europe and developed it to a major food distributor in the UK. The plant got renamed as Creative Food Plant in Europe. The recent development is the acquisition of the leading stake in Baho, which has extension in Germany and the Netherlands.

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