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Financial Well-Being with the Help of Southridge Capital

If you have debt problems right now, it can be difficult to see the brightness at the end of this dark and grueling tunnel. Debt can totally change your live for the worse. It can ruin your relationships and cause you to experience problems with affording the basic necessities in life like shelter and food. Unfortunately, debt can sprout up from virtually anything. An emergency trip to the ER and a hefty medical bill can cause debt. An appliance that that goes haywire and needs immediate replacement can cause debt. Even identity theft issues can cause debt if you’re unable to truly prove that you were not the one to make charges. For more details visit LinkedIn.

While you might think that you can overcome these debt problems on your own, it’s not as easy as you think when there is so much paperwork involved and creditors who are simply trying to get the most money out of you possible for a debt that you owe. This is why before you attempt anything on your own, you speak with a financial solutions expert. One of the top financial solutions companies in the country is known as Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has years of experience and works with both individuals and businesses, so they’re trustworthy and highly reliable for the different problems that you’re experiencing right now. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Once hired, the experts at Southridge Capital will get to work immediately to ensure that your debt problems are a thing of the past. They can speak with your creditors and work diligently to secure your financial future and remove debt problems from your life. You can contact Southridge Capital to find out more about the different services they’re offering right now as well as the prices involved with such services. Once you make the decision to use the services of Southridge Capital, you’re going to take a deep breath of relief knowing that your debt is going to be in the past and your financial future looks incredibly bright and sunny. Now is the time to give the folks at Southridge a try for yourself and see what they can do.

$20M Unpaid Brunswick Loan Raises Questions

In May 2015, the Middlesex Improvement Authority defaulted repayment of $20 million loan and $1 million interest accrued. The loan was issued by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and has been pending clearance since 2005. The Improvement Authority has not been able to settle arrears for over five years, accumulating almost $7 million in skipped payments. The purpose of the loan was to bankroll the construction of The Heldrich, a conference center and hotel that would have 235 rooms. According to an article written and published by the Press of Atlantic City, the ideal behind the construction of the Heldrich is a model developed by the Atlantic City Development Corporation, which is a sister firm that was to oversee over $200 million in financing.
Both corporations are managed by Chris Paladino, who is also the person behind the $20 million loan. Christopher confirms that the outstanding loan amount will be settled, but it will take some time before everything is taken care of. Since it was opened in 2007, The Heldrich has not been able to raise enough to settle liabilities and to finance its running. In fact, at some point the corporation was forced to contribute $776, 000 to cater for basic items like mattresses and carpets.

About Devco
The New Brunswick Development Corporation abbreviated DEVCO is a private real estate development company that operates as a nonprofit. The company was incepted in mid 1970s and has since created a network of projects that are aimed at economic growth within the city. DEVCO has also won several awards, which include the 2012 Smart Growth Award for offering solutions that impact positively on the future. To date, the company has completed projects valued at more than $1.6 million in Brunswick, thereby creating a robust and ground breaking platform for business and settlement.