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Richard Mishaan is a Colombian born designer who spends most of his time in the United States. He went to New York University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Mishaan went on with his education in Colombia where he graduated with a major in Architecture. With the skills he had from architecture and others from fashions and art, Mr. Mishaan decided to start a firm that would combine all these skills and offer services to the people. He started the Richard Mishaan Design which loomed with pure talent.

The design company had expensive pieces of art and fashion just as the CEO was made of. He was majorly focused on bringing change to the world of art, and he finally got a place to effect his plan. With his background which was from a wealthy family, he was able to attend school in the most luxurious institutions that any designer would wish to go to. Richard started the design firm after he worked under great men in the field of architecture like Philip Johnson who inspired him to start this design firm.

The design Company has been viewed to produce stunning and original designs for its clients. With the help of Mr. Mishaan, they have put the art of luxury in every art found at the art gallery. Every art at the design company is viewed to be very precious, and hence they go for quite an amount. The arts and design found at their exhibitions usually reflect different feeling as seen in the picture. The originality and the variety of designs found at the firm depict the kind of work Richard and his staff put in, to make sure that anyone interested gets value for their money. Richard being an author has used his books to explain to people the importance of art and design. Through his books, he has also inspired much interested in design.