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How MB2 Dental Solutions Helped A Dentist In New Mexico Reduce His Work Load

The tagline of MB2 Dental Solutions is “We Are Dentistry”. What they mean by this is that they fully support sole proprietorship dental offices. They reject the old idea of the industry that you were either alone in your sole practice or you had to become a cog in the machine at some corporate dentistry outfit. Instead, they develop a deep partnership with those want to own their own practice but also have the benefits of being part of something larger. The founder and chief executive officer of the company, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, says that the goal is to provide evidence that those in the dental profession are determined, disciplined, and united in what they offer.

Today MB2 Dental Solutions is partnered with 90 practices spread across six states. This includes 37 dental practice owners and 200 doctors in all. They offer a broad range of business services such as human resources, accounting & finance, billing & collections, procurement, and more. The dentists that partner with them don’t give up their clinical autonomy, though. They also maintain autonomy where they want such as what insurance they will accept from patients and what type of technology they use in their offices. They can pick and choose what business services they want MB2 Dental Solutions to handle and which they would prefer having direct control over.

One of the latest dentists to join MB2 Dental Solutions was Dr. Justin Nylund of New Mexico. He has a dental practice called Taos Dental Group where he has practiced since 2010. In welcoming him on board, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva said that Dr. Nylund is someone that has shown a strong commitment to those in the community in which he operates. He also said that Dr. Nylund enjoyed the great outdoors and as a person with a family he was very committed to having an excellent work-life balance.It was about three months prior to joining MB2 Dental Solutions that Dr. Justin Nylund saw that there were things at his practice that could really be improved upon. He was doing a lot of work on the business plus seeing patients and it all collectively was really too much for him. He said that he was working 45 hours a week seeing patients and then had to spend another 30 hours doing administrative tasks on top of it. That was why he joined MB2 Dental Solutions as it greatly decreased his workload.


MB2 Dental: Managed by a Top Team of Experienced Leaders

MB2 Dental is a partner to affiliated dentists and practice owners everywhere. The company offers affiliated practice services that help dental practices run efficiently and maintain complete autonomy. According to White Pages, the MB2 Dental team is only concerned with the technical aspect of keeping practices running.

The head of the company is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2’s founder. He has years of experience as a dentist trainer and mentor, practice owner, dental director, and associate dentist. He is a passionate advocate of practice models that focus on the doctor.

As the head of one of the biggest Dental Support Organizations in the US, Dr. Villanueva has proven that anything is possible. His understanding of both the business and provider side of things allows him to ensure that doctors maintain full autonomy.

He still practices despite his management responsibilities and enjoys mentoring and educating new dentists about their options after finishing dental school. He was born in Ohio, but he spent much of his life in South America and Asia. His wife is also a physician who owns a practice in North Texas. They have four beautiful kids.

President Justin Puckett

The president of the company, Justin Puckett, has been in the dental industry for many years. His first stint in the industry was as an Andrews Kurth LLP transactional attorney. Later on, he became an executive at Dental Practice Management Company based in Texas.

He contributed to the unprecedented growth of the company during the 18 months he worked there. His unique experience in public accounting, corporate finance, and corporate law is quite relevant. It allows him to assist affiliated practices to evaluate their growth capacity. He lives in North Texas with his family.

COO Justin Carroll

Justin Carroll is the COO of MB2 Dental. He has extensive experience in operations improvement, consulting, and private equity investing. His most recent position was as a director at Highland Capital Management, LP. At the company, his role was to identify and execute special situations’ private equity investment with a focus on the healthcare sector.

Before joining Highland Capital, he was the VP for NexBank Capital Advisors Strategy and Operations Consulting group. His duties included developing and executing M&A strategies, identifying synergy, financial modeling, and post-merger integration.

Also, he worked as an advisor for middle market and private equity clients as well as operational and financial due diligence. He has led the assessment for numerous healthcare systems recognized nationwide. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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