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Fabletics Revolution

Finding clothes that fit you online can be difficult. This is why so many go in-store, try on items, and then go home and purchase cheaper online. Why not get the best bargain, right?


Well, one company is changing that and making life so much easier. Fabletics is an athletic clothing brand created by Kate Hudson, yes the famous Golden Globe Actress Kate Hudson! Her company has switched things up and introduced reverse showrooming to the modern day consumer. As society grows, shouldn’t the way we shop grow as well? It definitely should and she has done it.


Fabletics encourages you to subscribe as a VIP Member with them, and believe me, it’s more than worth it. With your membership they are able to see what you’re interested in, what people in your specific area are interested in, and, well, what everyone is interested in. Their stores even stock their items based on those local fashion trends! If interests change, so does your local store’s inventory. Personally, I hate seeing items online and being disappointed when they aren’t in store. Try before you buy is something I firmly believe in. Our businesses should be paying attention to what we want, right? If they don’t they aren’t really doing us any good.


Fabletics’ VIP Membership program also allows anything you try on in-store to go in your online shopping cart. Why? It doesn’t matter to them whether you buy in-store or online. It’s all the same to them. Customer satisfaction is key as it should be. They sure have stepped up my shopping expectations!


In three small years, this company has grown into a $250 million dollar business. Have you ever tried to be a millionaire? Not easy, right? They sure know what they’re doing and how to meet the demands of their customer to grow this fast and well. Repeat customers are worth a lot more than brand values these days. Not many companies have stepped up to the plate to treat it that way, but Fabletics is sure one of them.


Kate Hudson’s brand is on its way up and up still, setting the example for all the other fashion brands out there. With quality products, great prices, and their integrity in customer satisfaction, Fabletics is going to be a tough one to beat.


Seriously though, go join their VIP membership program. It’s free and it’s custom tailored to you. They’re interested in how you workout, where you work out, and what looks you like. There’s no way you’ll regret it. They even have offers for you when you join. Plus, every product they offer normally is at a discount for anyone that’s a member. Not just when you join. All the time. Who could say no to a deal like that? I sure can’t.

“Live Your Passion” with Fabletics


The Clothes Maiden is a popular blog that highlights up and coming brands and trends “you should know about.” Avery Parker, a blogger at The Clothes Maiden recently wrote a “Designer Spotlight” article on Fabletics. In this article (which can be found here expresses the frustration that many women feel when it comes to finding the perfect gym wear. She says that besides being “drab” and “boring”, they are often uncomfortable. However, Parker says, Fabletics is breaking from the norm and offering gymwear that is not only comfortable and affordable, but is clever and stylish. The mantra of Fablectics, highlighted by The Clothes Maiden is “Live Your Passion.” The VIP Fabletics program is a subscription service, and, as noted on Parker’s review, you can opt out of any month you don’t wish to pay for. Fabletics also offers up to 40-50% discounts on retail prices for their members.
Fabletics started in October of 2013 when Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg saw the gap in the industry: a need for stylish, affordable performance wear. By June of 2015, Fabletics began to dominate the gym wear market and had even launched a men’s line. By the close of 2015, Fabletics went “brick and mortar” in the United States when they opened six storefronts. In The Clothes Maiden’s review notes that Fabletics maintains high quality of their products in addition to the high fashion aspect of the line.
Fabletics seeks to ensure that their customers have the perfect fit and style. The “Pop Quiz” (found on gives customers the outfit recommendations that “fit their lifestyle.” Customers are able to choose from thousands of customized selections. There are monochromatic options, great for minimalist yogis, as well as fun florals, a must for girly gym goers. Fabletics is the brand that finally ensures that gym wear can be comfortable, stylish, and affordable.