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Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Institute Makes Philanthropy an Education Option

More often than not, the problems facing our planet, overpopulation, food shortages, and humanitarian crisis, are solved by a few dedicated minds with proper funding and backing from philanthropic-minded citizens. It is each individual that chooses to jump into the humanitarian arena and truly make a difference with their life that pushes the progress of our species closer to our envisioned society.

Though sometimes having enough drive, dedication, and insight are simply not enough to make a lasting difference in the world. At times good intentions must be accompanied by real-world business skills to ensure any philanthropic endeavor or organization can help as many people as possible.

To help the next wave of philanthropists and problem solvers find the skills they will need to achieve their visions and help improve the world, Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, created the Do Good Institute to address those issues directly.

The UCG chairman said that the initiative started on the University of Maryland’s main campus is built around providing students who are interested in the non-profit sector with the skills they will need to be successful in an environment that often faces stiff competition from the private sector.

With programs such as Philanthropy 101 and a focus on creating the next wave of leaders within the non-profit sector, the Do Good Institute has received nearly $100 million dollars in funding from the Forbes listed billionaire to continue providing students with a once in a lifetime learning opportunity.

Though still very much in its first stages of growth, the Do Good Institute has already created successful alumni who have gone on to create non-profits to tackle issues like food waste.

The Gift of Bruce Levenson

The Do Good Institute and the amount of good that will come of its creation is the product of Bruce Levenson’s own philanthropic endeavors.

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