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Wengie, From Accountant to YouTube Sensation

If you need an inspiring story, look no further than the video called Wengie Draw My Life on Youtube. Wengie is a China-born woman in her thirties, who worked herself into having millions of followers on Youtube. Thanks to her creativity in her videos about hair, fashion, life tips, and more she makes a living making videos. Her story is interesting as she is an Asian woman with an Australian accent since she was brought up after the age of four in Australia.


She was encouraged by her family to get a scholarship and go to college, which she did and majored in accounting. When she got her first job she as an accountant, her review was not good and she agreed. Her heart was just not into being an accountant because she wanted to do something in fashion. She quit the accounting job and got a job as social media guru for a company. Her mother needed her room for her brother so she was forced at twenty-four to get a place on her own. It is not unusual for Asian children to live with their parents at any age.


While Wengie was working as the social media guru, she was honing her skills to start making her own blog and videos. Eventually, that is exactly what she did. Wengie started making her own little videos and her audience started growing as her videos got more interesting and amazing.


Soon Wengie was gaining enough followers that she was able to endorse products and make enough money to quit her job. Now she spends her days amid a pretty decorated condo in a high rise and informing the public about great ways to make your hair look great, or hacks to help you sleep better. With her own unique flair and style, Wengie gains adoring fans with her cute video hugs and great tips.


So if you want to get a unicorn dose of inspiration from an expert YouTuber who makes enough to, she quit her day job, hop on over to Wengie and check out the advice Wengie has for you.