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North Korean media targets defector Yeonmi Park

No one ever said it would be easy to defect from a communist country, and Yeonmi Park’s Amazon released story would make some people who remember the Cold War wish the Berlin Wall still exited. It would have made Park’s journey easier if she only had to break through a wall The young woman defected from North Korea at the age of 13.

The story begins like this. Imagine a cold night in March. There is an a frozen river that marks the border between a Communist Dictatorship and another communist country with more freedom. A starving family with a thirteen-year-old girl begins to cross the river. During the way, the teenager will get raped, and undergo a long journey through one of the coldest deserts on Earth. After Park crossed the river, she journeyed across the Gobi desert until she reached the Mongolian border. At the Mongolian border, Yeonmi took a plane to South Korea.

Although many people find her story inspiring, others have called her story into question. The NK News called her story into question in a movie produced by the state-sponsored media. The movie accuses Yeonmi Park’s mother of being an agent for the United States, and it suggests that she is part of a human rights plot.

Other critics have called certain details of her story into question. Some of the names do not match, although Park counters that she changed the names to protect family members still living in the communist country. Some of the details of the story have been called into question. The defector counters that this is because she did not fully understand English, and her grasp has improved over time.