Sunday Riley; A Skincare Icon

Sunday Riley is a skincare line that is taking the industry by storm. Their product, entitled “Luna” is a tantalizing blue oil, that uses blue tansy oil. Luna is one example of a terrific Sunday Riley product. The packaging is simple, the product is packed full of retinol to smooth skin, and the price point isn’t outrageous. A one ounce bottle of Luna ( a sleeping night oil), costs $105, however, this is still a better price than many other luxury skincare brands.

The product line boasted everything from skincare creams, to eyeshadows and other makeup products. However, due to their commitment to making the best skincare products on the shelf, the cosmetic line was recently halted so the company could focus on their original products. The creator of Sunday Riley, and it’s namesake, is a cosmetic chemist and product formulator. She prides her company on making products that are effective and relatively affordable.

Sunday Riley was first picked up by Barney’s New York, before the products were even made. Barney’s insisted that the products be named after their founder, although Sunday was hesitant at first. One thing that Sunday Riley has never been hesitant about, is her commitment to using healthy and wholesome ingredients, and setting sky high standards. The skin care line is attractive to people, not just because of its effectiveness, but also Sunday’s staunch commitment to quality.

A new Vitamin C formula is hitting the shelves, called CEO Protect + Repair Moisturizer. Sunday Riley has made the Vitamin C formula more potent, on the request of a customer, and the new products are bound to be a hit. For those who are saddened by the loss of Sunday Riley cosmetic products, there is a glimmer of hope. Sunday Riley, herself, recently said that she sees the brand growing into something bigger. We can only expect more amazing things from this great company.