Jeunesse Global Helps Revitalize Hair With Their Advanced RVL System

Hair one of the most distinct characteristics of a person. And one company is going the extra mile to provide a unique hair care system for those who want extraordinary looks. That company, Jeunesse Global, is shaking up the hair care world with their advanced RVL Hair Care System.

An Advanced Hair Care System

As a health and wellness company, Jeunesse Global is used to making their products more advanced than their mainstream competitors. And the same could be said with the RVL Hair Care System. This system includes the company’s exclusive exclusive HPT-6™ formula. This formula includes a unique blend of polypeptide technology. These natural ingredients are designed to revitalize the appearance of hair. And since this is a Jeunesse Global product, RVL is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and dyes.

Unique Natural Ingredients

The secret to RVL’s advanced ability to revitalize hair is the system’s nine natural and proven ingredients. Below is a list of the most effective natural ingredients found in the RVL Hair Care System.

Black Seed Oil

This oil seals in moisture at the scalp to ensure against frizzy hair and a dried out look.

Flax Seed Oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid, flax seed oil contains the nutrients needed to keep hair healthy.

Indian Gooseberry

To help make hair softer, shinier and more voluminous, RVL is packed with juice from the Indian Gooseberry.


This natural botanical strengthener has been used in India for centuries. And it is part of the RVL hair care system to keep hair naturally strong and healthy.


For those who want long, full bodied hair, Tulsi provides the nutrients needed to allow hair to grow naturally.

Curry Leaf

The curry leaf is known as one of the healthiest leaves on the planet and it is used to help support healthier looking hair.


To restore shine, RVL contains fenugreek which has natural ingredients that promotes sumptuous strands of hair.

Jojoba Oil

To help ensure that hair stays naturally hydrated, RVL contains jojoba oil which has shown to add softness and shine.


This antioxidant rich hibiscus extract will help nourish and strengthen hair.