Alex Pall: From Turntables to Grammy Awards

The Chainsmokers have been at an all-time high with a couple of bangers ruling the airwaves. The dynamic duo has revolutionized the art scene with the Electronic Dance Music. They boast of a number of accolades and chart-topping smash hits. The duo made of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has breathed life into the genre.

During an interview with, Alex Pall shred some few insights into the evolving electronic dance scene. Alex Pall grew up as a DJ and worked around New York City. But it was more of a hobby and side to kick-start his career. But the passion for the art made his reorganize his life career.

It was after the life-changing discovery that he met up with Andrew and started working. Alex Pall quit his day job and focused solely to the music scene. When the duo first met, they were both lost in the music scene with different commitments. But their passion and hard work brought them together.

At first, it was scary for Alex Pall who had a couple of DJ gigs with the marketing social networks. With time, their values grew together and so did their work ethic. They joined forces to form The Chainsmokers with the DJ impact of Alex Pall and producing skills of Andrew Taggart.

Unlike other artists in the same genre who depend on songwriters, Alex Pall works with the songwriters and personalizes their storyline in the lyrics. Alex Pall admitted to the pressures of the fans and label in dropping an album. But they put off the idea while trying to create a cohesive body of work that goes further than just a normal DJ album.

Alex Pall also gave a round of applause to artist Halsey who was phenomenal on their hit record ‘closer’. With Andrew’s singing prowess and their production rights, the duo is a force to reckon with.

Alex Pall was also featured in the Wall Street Journal where he showcased his spectacular house in the Hollwood Hills. The design for the house was done by Peti Lau. The house was built in the 1930’s and features state floors and stone fireplaces with the entire estate sitting on 3600 square foot.