Brazil’s Future As Predicted By Felipe Montoro Jens

Brazil’s dismal state is a direct result of the country’s inability to execute infrastructure projects. Since the National Confederation of Industry came forth with some dispiriting statistics, the country’s negligence has become wholly evident. The report revealed that Brazil terminated nearly 520 infrastructure jobs last year. Some works that were inexplicably ceased include railways, sports facilities, educational units, highways, and ports. Unfortunately, Brazil’s economy has taken a hit as a result of their unduly ineptitude. Perhaps the most unsettling outcome of Brazil’s poor infrastructure is the financial loss it’s created. In 2017, Brazil saw a $10.7 billion depletion in their financial resources. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

With Brazil rapidly spiraling out of control, experts are offering up their advice in the hopes of saving the nation from irreparable damage. Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian project analyst who has admirably stepped up to the plate. After conducting some research on Brazil’s operations, Jens concluded that Brazil’s system is utterly flawed. Some areas that are notably lacking include technology, finances, land, business relations, and contractual agreements. What’s more, Jens states that “fiscal deterioration and contraction of investments also affected state and municipal projects.” Fortunately, there’s still hope for Brazil.

If Brazil improves their micro planning procedures, institutes mandatory training programs, designs better contracts, and strengthens their interpersonal relationships, Jens wholeheartedly believes that the country will see an improvement. While Jens’ sentiments are promising, other specialists aren’t as optimistic. Jose Augusto Fernandes is one such individual. As a member of the National Confederation of Industry, Fernandes is well aware of Brazil’s incompetence. Moreover, Fernandes has time and again seen Brazil blatantly disregard the facts. It’s for this reason why Fernandes believes that Brazil will continue to balk at reform. If this reality materializes, Brazil won’t have a rosy future.