End Citizens United Wants To End Corporate Personhood

Rick Scott is the spineless governor of Florida. He hid in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas shooting and how he’s breaking campaign finance laws as he runs for Senate. End Citizens United, a campaign finance watchdog organization, has sounded the alarm on the governor.

Apparently, Rick Scott became the head of a PAC that received $3 million in donations from certain executives. These same executives were the ones who benefited from a change in Florida pension policy under Rick Scott the governor. That all seems a bit fishy. I’m just glad End Citizens United is on the ground in Florida to stop these crimes.

The group is amazing. They started back in 2015 as a response to Citizens United. Of course, we all know that Supreme Court Decision where a 5-4 conservative majority on the bench ruled that corporations are “people.” I just don’t understand how these people ascended to the highest court in the land. I’ve never seen a corporation walk down the street, eat a sandwich or vote.

Unfortunately, that decision now allows corporations to exercise First Amendment rights. These people, according to case law, have the right to free speech but they aren’t even capable of breathing or speaking. So, the Supreme Court, in all of its twisted logic, said that corporations exercise speech with money.

End Citizens United is working to end corporate influence on our elections. The group has a multi-tiered approach. They work on the local level to change campaign finance laws. They work on the national level by endorsing candidates that want to end Citizens United. And they have a long game. They envision a future without corporate personhood.

A constitutional amendment would be easy. It would simply state that people are only living, breathing human beings. It’s that simple. If you can’t breathe, speak or die, then you are not a person. It’s terrifying what conservatives will come up with next in order to damage democracy. I mean, they are already tipping the scale by letting corporations “speak” with money. Why not just let a corporation run for president in 2020?