Ara Chakerian Is Dedicated To Philanthropy

Ara Chakerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. ASC Capital Holdings invest in early age healthcare companies. Ara has had great success as an investor. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is involved in many different causes within the medical industry. He founded TMS Solutions as a method to treat individuals who suffer from resistant depression.


Ara Chakerian has a great deal of experience in the business world and has acquired a lot of knowledge about how it works in relation to health care. Ara has observed many different trends and felt that he could contribute to the process of making the interaction easier between patient and doctor. He created TMS Solutions to approach these actions. Chakerian studied the limited insurance coverage policies and looked to established a way for patients to gain access to the type of doctors that they expected. You can check out



TMS has assisted thousands of patients since its inception. It specializes in those who suffer from depression and provides outpatient facilities that bring a new dynamic to treatment. Ara Chakerian has created 7 clinics with TMS that operate in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. The facilities are constructed with treatment rooms and consult areas that give the patient a serene feeling. The projects were designed by Josh Heitler and intentionally promote a relaxing vibe that Chakerian felt was important when dealing with patients that have psychiatric issues. Ara believes that this trend will catch on and patients will soon become followers of the modern clinic concept.


Ara Chackerian approaches each day with an open mind and allows the activities to flow in his direction. He then prioritizes each item based on his personal goals. Ara does not confine himself to list of any kind. He has maintained a healthy separation between business partners and friends in order to keep his operations running smoothly. You can visit his page for more.


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