Jason Hope Reveals the Future of the Internet of Things

Chronicle of Week recently published Haley Thompson’s article “Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things is Changing Our World”. The article discusses the entrepreneur and futurists ideas on how the technology is changing the way people relate to information.

The Internet of Things reveals how the world is interconnected today, creating a unique experience of the world. It specifically relates to the different devices and how they connect to the internet, specifically including mobile devices, tablets, vehicles, smart appliances, smart homes, and other items.

Jason Hope reveals that according to research, the internet of things will be made up of more than 20 million objects by 2020. The devices can be controlled remotely through different computer apps and gadgets. The items can be integrated to help improve society and the economy. There will be an increase in the affordability and accessibility of these items in the future.

Jason Hope is an investor and tech-minded entrepreneur who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. He recently released an e-book on Amazon titled “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in IOT Era” to help people better understand what it is and how it impacts our daily lives.

Jason Hope reveals that there are also potential risks associated with the internet of things. He feels that people need to be aware of how security breaches can occur to prevent personal information from getting out.

Thompson also discussed Jason Hope in her article “Jason Hope’s 2018 Predictions for Changes in the Internet of Things”. This article reveals Hope’s predictions about how the technology will advance and its possible impact on the general population.

Hope reveals that Artificial Intelligence will be one of the key players. AI is often used through people’s smartphones or with voice-activated devices like Siri or Google Assistant. The AI programs will only keep advancing. They are beginning to have natural language processing abilities, deep learning and greater image recognition. Hope also reveals that sensors and communications will also advance through the use of AI. Sensors are beginning to be used for healthcare and in the car industry. He indicates that GM will soon have sensors for vehicles without steering wheels or pedals.

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