Saygus Raises Millions Thanks To NewsWatch TV Review Of Their Product

Over the years, NewsWatch TV has put out thousands of different reviews for companies all over the world, including charities and FOrtune 500 companies. Saygus personally hired NewsWatch TV in order to present their phones during the Mobile World Congress. Saygus is an American manufacturer of smartphones and wanted to build a lot of exposure for their phones in a very short period of time. NewsWatch TV’s reviews managed to help Saygus pull in more than 1.3 million dollars, further going towards their product. Timothy Rush, President of Saygus Smartphones, has said NewsWatch TV perfectly captured their product and presented it respectably to their target audience.

As an award-winning series on television, NewsWatch TV is one of the leading sources for people to get their news on the latest electronics, medicines, entertainment, and even technology. The main star of the series is Andrew Tropeano, though there are special news reports from several other guests on the series. This includes the likes of Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrom. NewsWatch TV has earned several awards over the years, including the Videographer Award and the Marcom Award, both of which were earned in the same year.

In the beginning, NewsWatch TV was mostly focused on featuring news about finances and reports until the 2000’s came around. This is when they decided to make some changes to their platform and provide their audiences with various different topics as well, instead of just finances. Today, NewsWatch TV has featured all different companies, products, and services. They have even done interviews with many different celebrities over the years, including J-Law, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington. The show airs each week on the network AMC and can be viewed all over the United States. ION also airs NewsWatch TV.