NGP VAN Helps Out LGBTQ People So Much – All By Beating Conservatives At The Polls

LGBTQ refers to lesbian women, gay men, bisexual men and women, transsexual men and women, and queer – the latter identification simply means that people who identify as queer are both not cisgender nor straight. For thousands of years, LGBTQ people were harshly discriminated against by society at large.

Fortunately, most places around the globe don’t discriminate against LGBTQ people as much as they once did. However, other countries – namely Saudi Arabia, for example – are certainly not cool with allowing people of the same sex to engage in sexual relations with one another; the Saudi Arabian government supports the death penalty for men found having sex with one another.

Somebody has to stick up for LGBTQ people – NGP VAN is one of them

Wait – who exactly is NGP VAN? NGP VAN is a company formed as a merger between NGP Software and Voter Activation Network in 2010. Most people relate NGP VAN to the computer program used to make the lives of candidates running for various offices easier than trying to handle all their respective responsibilities.

NGP VAN explicitly supports liberal candidates. While some such voter database tracking and related political programs can and often do go both ways – both left and right, both Democrat and Republican – NGP VAN proves to be more advantageous than other such programs because it is geared towards just one party. Many of the techniques taught to staffers, volunteers, and political candidates themselves are more effective in liberal and Democratic campaigns than their conservative counterparts.

When conservative political opponents seem too difficult to take care of at the polls, some Democratic, liberal, progressive and similarly-identifying candidates pull out the big guns

What are these so-called “big guns,” one might ask?

Allocating a hefty portion of a candidate’s or program’s advertising and marketing budget towards getting – or at least hopefully getting – LGBTQ people to leave their homes, take off from work, and otherwise make themselves available to vote for the liberal candidate running for whatever official position. Conservatives rarely believe LGBTQ rights are OK – that’s why this strategy is often so effective.