ClassDogo is the Way of the Future

As time continues to pass, the amount of technology integration into the average classroom has increased. This benefits not only the students, but also the teachers. The ability to have everything organized in a clean interface can be critical to how a teacher can keep materials in order. The service ClassDojo has become a popular service for teachers all across the country. A recent blog post on the Class Dojo website gives some insight on how this platform is great for teachers.

Despite what people think, being a teacher is not a group job. The teacher is alone a lot of the time with often little interaction with the student. In response, blog writer Stephanie Smith turned to ClassDojo. It serves as a platform for students and teachers to interact in a safe setting. Images and videos can be uploaded and shared for further interaction. However, little did anyone realize just how popular it would become. Communities of teachers using the software began to spring up all over the country.

The blog post then goes on to talk about teachers have always communicated on a regular basis. Sharing ideas and classroom advice has been essential for teachers over the years. Teachers will also routinely attend conferences in order to share information. Without these kind of events, technology in the classrooms would have taken a lot longer to be popularized. It’s a teachers job to be up to date with the newest innovations in their career.

ClassDojo has seen a high increase of use in recent years. Its ability to connect teacher and student anytime and anywhere is invaluable in our current society. The service also makes it easier for students to search information or receive materials from the teacher, and on the flip-side, teachers can more easily help students. ClassDojo has even connected teachers from all over the country. As technology continues to expand, so will the resources being used.