Malcolm Casselle And The Gaming Industry

He is the CIO of OPSkins and an entrepreneur. He also works as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) president. He also served as president and CTO of New ventures which was at tronc, Inc. In addition, he was the senior vice president of Digital Media which was for SeaChange International where he also acted as the general manager. He has also been able to lead at the startups of some digital industries, including Xfire, Mediapass and also Groupon’s joint venture with Chinese Tencent.He has been actively investing in Zynga, Bitcoin, and facebook companies. He went to MIT where he was awarded the Bachelors degree and master’s degree from the University of Stanford where both degrees were Computers Science. He is capable of speaking Japanese and Mandarin languages.

His company OPSkin where he is the CIO is the current global leader in the selling of in-game virtual assets. It is also recognized as bitcoin number one merchant in the world. It is the central market where it is disadvantaged with capabilities of technology which makes the decentralized marketplace for the virtual assets to have a natural progression step.

OPSkin creators will now be able to launch the new blockchain platform that will be used for virtual asset trading which will be called WAX. It is a p2p marketplace where assets trading will be allowing buyers and sellers to be having an efficient trade of virtual assets together.

WAX is there to solve the biggest problems that have been experienced in the virtual asset markets, fraud and fragmentation. It will be able to solve those problems using a simple blockchain-enabled widget which will be letting all the users to instantaneously buy or sell their virtual goods and they will never click their game off.

WAX will also be helping in solving the problem of geographical fragmentation. If a user can transact on the platform which doesn’t use a common utility token, then they will not be able to transact with users who will be having denominated goods that are different with cryptocurrencies where middlemen will not be used again. WAX Token will be the common currency that all gamers will use and eliminate FOREX problematic issues which are currently plaguing the virtual asset markets.