Nick Vertucci Releases New Book, Adds To Ways In Which He Imparts Knowledge On Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has become a name that is synonymous with real estate education because of the real estate school that he founded. He is the founder and the lead behind the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is a place that has imparted valuable skills to people all over the country who have been looking to get into the field of real estate. Because of how much his knowledge has helped people, he decided to move one step further and write a book about his experiences in the field. The book is meant to give readers an insight into the life of Vertucci so that they can understand the road that he had to travel to reach a successful position within the real estate industry.

Vertucci’s career didn’t start out in real estate. He wanted to be an entrepreneur who wanted to start out his own company. At a young age, he started out his own company that sold computer parts and other related technology. The company was doing incredibly well, and Vertucci became a well-known name within the industry. However, the company took a turn for the worse when the dot-com crash occurred. Nick Vertucci lost everything that he had worked for, and the company started to deteriorate with every passing day. Eventually, Vertucci had to give up his company and start afresh in an industry that he had no experience in.

Real Estate was always something that highly interested Vertucci and it was something that he could viably take up. He had no experience and no knowledge within the field, but he knew that the only way he could be able to get situated once again was to go out and work as a realtor. Over time, he worked hard and started to gain an incredibly positive reputation for himself. After several years of working in the field, Vertucci eventually could say that he reached the top, and was in a position where he considered himself to be a big success.

Nick Vertucci knew that there were always people within the country that needed a new way to get financially situated, but didn’t know the scope that is available to them through the field of real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy served as a place where people could get this knowledge, no matter what experience or degrees they had prior. The program was meant to teach almost anyone to become a realtor and make enough to support themselves and their families. The book that Vertucci released, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” is a book that also serves as a good learning tool to anyone who is looking to make a living from working in real estate.