OSI industries success

OSI industries LLC is a global food processing firm. It started as a local domestic business in the United States. Today, OSI Group is among the leading producers in the food industry. The company collaborates with various leading food brands and services in the world to offer food products that give food solutions to the customers all over the world.

The company has one of the best infrastructure and financial assets that it uses to produce and offer custom food OSI industries .solutions throughout the world. The company is committed to offering innovation for products. Its operations are run with integrity and openness.

OSI Group has more than 50 facilities that are located in more than 17 countries throughout the globe. These facilities have offered job opportunities to close to 20,000 employees. These statistics clearly show that OSI Group can provide food solutions to every customer all over the globe. OSI Group facilities are in various places such as Brazil, China, Hungary, Germany, Japan, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain.

OSI industries are always dedicated to creating positive relationships with all the people, societies and environment that they serve. The company strives to create and maintain economic, environmental and social frameworks in the most responsible way. OSI Group maintains sustainability in business and other community activities.

OSI Group provides various processed food products such as vegetables, fruits, proteins, and meat. The product is made to order by the company’s diversified customer baseline throughout the world. The orders stick to the different specifications, specific demands, and operational needs. OSI Group is a prominent supplier of Poultry, pork, pizza, beef and baked goods to the broad market all over the globe. The firm delivers to its promises to ensure that every product they produce pleases the customers.

It uses creativity, knowledge, and expertise to come up with products that quench the customers’ needs and specialties. It offers a variety of every meal ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, desserts, and snacks. Customers are sure of finding every type of protein-rich food in the company.

OSI Group has a resourceful team of management that is headed by Sheldon Lavin who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. David McDonald is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer and the President. Bill Weimer is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Other senior executives include Stefan Chen and Brent Afman.

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