Jose Hawilla Runs Traffic

The U.S. is the recognized greatest place in the world to be an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurship finds success in many places throughout the world. Many of the most successful are family-run businesses. However, there are some entrepreneurs that prefer not to make what they do a family thing because they prefer that extra feeling of independence. Such individuals will also avoid working as leaders in large organizations because such organizations make them less independent and free to lead however they choose.




One of these independent intrepreneurs is Jose Hawilla, the owner and leader of Traffic. Traffic is one of the largest Brazilian sports marketing and advertising companies. Hawilla began his adult life as a field reporter for Bandeirantes radio in the 60s. He was very successful in the sports reporting world prior to his purchase of Traffic in 1982. He began with just bus advertising, but quickly elevated his company in the sports advertising world. By the late 80s he had the exclusive advertising rights in 25 stadiums. Today Traffic involves the broadcasting, sponsorship, and promotions of everything involving sports. For more details visit LinkedIn.


In recent years the once very popular Brazilian football scene has been less so. This is largely attributed to the decided downturn of the economy. But Hawilla is optimistic that it will soon rise in popularity again very soon. 2014’s world cup played a huge part in bringing televised sports back in Brazil. This is the case, says Hawilla because television has the ability to shape the future. In addition to his leadership of Traffic, Hawilla is also the chairman of the board of TV Tem, Rede Globo, Bom Dia, and Diario de Sao Paulo.


He has also shared his knowledge of entrepreneurship with the next generation of businesspeople. He loves to do what he can to help young businesspeople succeed in their endeavors.



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