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Malcolm Casselle And The Gaming Industry

He is the CIO of OPSkins and an entrepreneur. He also works as Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) president. He also served as president and CTO of New ventures which was at tronc, Inc. In addition, he was the senior vice president of Digital Media which was for SeaChange International where he also acted as the general manager. He has also been able to lead at the startups of some digital industries, including Xfire, Mediapass and also Groupon’s joint venture with Chinese Tencent.He has been actively investing in Zynga, Bitcoin, and facebook companies. He went to MIT where he was awarded the Bachelors degree and master’s degree from the University of Stanford where both degrees were Computers Science. He is capable of speaking Japanese and Mandarin languages.

His company OPSkin where he is the CIO is the current global leader in the selling of in-game virtual assets. It is also recognized as bitcoin number one merchant in the world. It is the central market where it is disadvantaged with capabilities of technology which makes the decentralized marketplace for the virtual assets to have a natural progression step.

OPSkin creators will now be able to launch the new blockchain platform that will be used for virtual asset trading which will be called WAX. It is a p2p marketplace where assets trading will be allowing buyers and sellers to be having an efficient trade of virtual assets together.

WAX is there to solve the biggest problems that have been experienced in the virtual asset markets, fraud and fragmentation. It will be able to solve those problems using a simple blockchain-enabled widget which will be letting all the users to instantaneously buy or sell their virtual goods and they will never click their game off.

WAX will also be helping in solving the problem of geographical fragmentation. If a user can transact on the platform which doesn’t use a common utility token, then they will not be able to transact with users who will be having denominated goods that are different with cryptocurrencies where middlemen will not be used again. WAX Token will be the common currency that all gamers will use and eliminate FOREX problematic issues which are currently plaguing the virtual asset markets.

Nick Vertucci Releases New Book, Adds To Ways In Which He Imparts Knowledge On Real Estate

Nick Vertucci has become a name that is synonymous with real estate education because of the real estate school that he founded. He is the founder and the lead behind the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is a place that has imparted valuable skills to people all over the country who have been looking to get into the field of real estate. Because of how much his knowledge has helped people, he decided to move one step further and write a book about his experiences in the field. The book is meant to give readers an insight into the life of Vertucci so that they can understand the road that he had to travel to reach a successful position within the real estate industry.

Vertucci’s career didn’t start out in real estate. He wanted to be an entrepreneur who wanted to start out his own company. At a young age, he started out his own company that sold computer parts and other related technology. The company was doing incredibly well, and Vertucci became a well-known name within the industry. However, the company took a turn for the worse when the dot-com crash occurred. Nick Vertucci lost everything that he had worked for, and the company started to deteriorate with every passing day. Eventually, Vertucci had to give up his company and start afresh in an industry that he had no experience in.

Real Estate was always something that highly interested Vertucci and it was something that he could viably take up. He had no experience and no knowledge within the field, but he knew that the only way he could be able to get situated once again was to go out and work as a realtor. Over time, he worked hard and started to gain an incredibly positive reputation for himself. After several years of working in the field, Vertucci eventually could say that he reached the top, and was in a position where he considered himself to be a big success.

Nick Vertucci knew that there were always people within the country that needed a new way to get financially situated, but didn’t know the scope that is available to them through the field of real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy served as a place where people could get this knowledge, no matter what experience or degrees they had prior. The program was meant to teach almost anyone to become a realtor and make enough to support themselves and their families. The book that Vertucci released, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” is a book that also serves as a good learning tool to anyone who is looking to make a living from working in real estate.

Whitney Wolfe spreading positivity on social media

Few dating apps are programmed or maintained by women. William Wolfe Herd, the founder and CEO of Bumble wanted to correct that situation. She also wanted to make sure she created a friendly place for other women and people from diverse backgrounds to work. This turned out to be both harder and easier than expected, although this only makes sense if one remembers that starting a business, especially a tech business requires many different skills.When she started Bumble, she told her former employer she did not intend to bulid a dating app, according to Tech Crunch.

This occurred because of a non-compete contract her former employer required her to sign. The female tech CEO started her work as one of the co-founders of Tinder. Today, the Bumble app is not primarily used for dating. It works better as a positive social networking environment. Today, Bumble focuses on connecting people who are interested in equality, community service and providing equal opportunities.Despite assuring her former employer that Bumble and her first attempt Merci were not dating apps, the owners of Tinder responded with a lawsuit. They dropped the lawsuit a few months after they filed it and she was free to move on.

Merci helped form the ideas used for Bumble. The predecessor for the current social network focused on kinness and compliments. It catered towards a female market.Today’s Bumble is more inclusive than its predecessor. People who funded her organization helped her expand her focus. One investor said he loved the idea of a female-focused platform, but he felt that positivity and kindness were traits that should be encouraged among men as well. Today anyone who wants to use Bumble can download it from the Google Play or Apple App stores. It only takes a simple click to install.

OSI Expands Its Reach By Acquiring Tyson Foods

OSI Group is continuing to make moves to strengthen its influence in a very competitive industry. OSI has been at the forefront of food manufacturing for many decades and is expanding its reach across the marketplace by making key acquisitions of influential companies. Mergers with organizations such as Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group will give OSI the presence it desires in the European region. Each of these companies already have strong consumer bases and bring unique skill sets to the arena.

Tyson Foods is a local acquisition that was made by OSI Group. Tyson Foods had been a long time operator in Chicago area. The company had come up against hard times and was looking to close its doors for business. Had Tyson Foods closed there would have been nearly 500 employees out of work. OSI was able to come in and make the purchase for 7.4 million dollars and save these jobs for American workers. Many of the Tyson Foods employees or able to make a lateral move into the OSI organization itself.

The leadership at OSI believes in taking on challenges and has pushed to have operating plants in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the European Realm. The current roster at OSI features 20,000 employees that come from all walks of life. The growth at OSI forces it to have a diverse platform. OSI has been able to accumulate such an interesting workforce by setting up recruiting stations in various areas including Poland, the Asia-Pacific, Germany, the Americas and the United Kingdom. Leaders at OSI are committed to providing a safe and thriving work environment. The company is known for having very little turnover among its ranks.

OSI Group epitomizes the American dream. The company was founded by a German immigrant in the early 1900’s. Otto and Sons was a local meat market in the Chicago area. Otto Kolschowsky ran the business with his children up until the 1950’s. During this time the company developed a working relationship with the McDonald’s corporation. In time Auto and Sons began working solely for McDonald’s and grew as the restaurant chain continued to grow. By the 1960’s the original founders of Otto and Sons has sold their interest and the company became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group is currently an international brand and has working relationships with many other food industry organizations. Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza are all clients of the OSI business model. The company provides several different products including ground beef, bacon, hot dogs and poultry.

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Whitney Wolfe and The Importance of Not Caring What One is Supposed to Do

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has shown is that she does not care about what she is supposed to do. She takes on her own goals for women. While she has started with dating, she has moved it further than that for women. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done is break convention. This is one of the common things that an entrepreneur does. As a matter of fact, it is important for an entrepreneur to reject convention to not only achieve something profound but also move the industry forward. Whitney Wolfe has moved the industry of social media and internet forward with her apps.One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was bring a solution to an issue. This issue that she has solved was the idea that women are supposed to be passive.

There are a lot of beliefs about women. One particular belief is that they should stay out of the workplace. Whitney has proved this belief wrong with her creativity. She continues to prove these ideas wrong with her apps and other products. She uses the internet and the digital world to take on this and other real world problems that women are faced with.Whitney Wolfe has proven that the internet is much more than just mindless entertainment. She has shown that people can take part in meaningful activities.

For one thing, many businesses are started online as opposed to the traditional and conventional way. She also encourages women to take a similar approach and stand against the oppression of convention. One thing that can be said about success is that it is a fight in ways that one would not expect. While it may be jarring for many people, Whitney Wolfe understands that this actually comes with the territory of success. Once people become visible, one of the first people that are going to notice are the people who oppose the person.

OSI industries success

OSI industries LLC is a global food processing firm. It started as a local domestic business in the United States. Today, OSI Group is among the leading producers in the food industry. The company collaborates with various leading food brands and services in the world to offer food products that give food solutions to the customers all over the world.

The company has one of the best infrastructure and financial assets that it uses to produce and offer custom food OSI industries .solutions throughout the world. The company is committed to offering innovation for products. Its operations are run with integrity and openness.

OSI Group has more than 50 facilities that are located in more than 17 countries throughout the globe. These facilities have offered job opportunities to close to 20,000 employees. These statistics clearly show that OSI Group can provide food solutions to every customer all over the globe. OSI Group facilities are in various places such as Brazil, China, Hungary, Germany, Japan, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain.

OSI industries are always dedicated to creating positive relationships with all the people, societies and environment that they serve. The company strives to create and maintain economic, environmental and social frameworks in the most responsible way. OSI Group maintains sustainability in business and other community activities.

OSI Group provides various processed food products such as vegetables, fruits, proteins, and meat. The product is made to order by the company’s diversified customer baseline throughout the world. The orders stick to the different specifications, specific demands, and operational needs. OSI Group is a prominent supplier of Poultry, pork, pizza, beef and baked goods to the broad market all over the globe. The firm delivers to its promises to ensure that every product they produce pleases the customers.

It uses creativity, knowledge, and expertise to come up with products that quench the customers’ needs and specialties. It offers a variety of every meal ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, desserts, and snacks. Customers are sure of finding every type of protein-rich food in the company.

OSI Group has a resourceful team of management that is headed by Sheldon Lavin who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. David McDonald is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer and the President. Bill Weimer is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Other senior executives include Stefan Chen and Brent Afman.

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Technology Leader William Saito on the Opportunities of Econonomic Downturns

William Saito is an entrepreneur, author, and recognized leader in the technology industry. During his long career, he has served as the founder of numerous startups, including I/O Software, Inc. Through I/O Software, Inc., William Saito oversaw the development of cybersecurity solutions in partnership with such companies as Sony and Microsoft. The company was acquired by Microsoft after innovation of authentication software used by Microsoft Windows. William Saito, who began his first company while still attending high school, has maintained a long interest in software development and entrepreneurship.


William Saito is a valuable contributor to the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Because of his successful work, he has been become a distinguished authority on cybersecurity and provides consultation services to national governments around the world. William Saito has been named by Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan” and is a start-up consultant for National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology as well as Foundation Board Member at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Recognized as a leader in the arena cybersecurity, he provides consultation to several national governments around the world.


In an interview conducted at a technology symposium in Tokyo, Japan, William Saito provided important advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders. During this interview, William Saito addressed the topic of entrepreneurship during times of economic downturn. William Saito observed that times of financial crisis can provide unique opportunities to develop the necessary skills for a successful business. William Saito noted that less availability of funding and higher risk for entrepreneurs often leads to increased fiscal responsibility and better business practices that ensure the long-term success of the company. Because of this, financial uncertainty can provide the ideal time for the entrepreneur to establish a new business.


During this interview, William Saito also discussed the different perceptions of risk between Asian and Western cultures. In Asian cultures, failure is avoided because there is a lack of acceptance for failure. William Saito contrasted the attitude of Western culture that failure is actually a stepping stone to success and something to be embraced by entrepreneurs. The observations made by William Saito are highly valuable because they enable the entrepreneur to recognize the many advantages of starting a business during times of economic adversity. Rather than avoiding risk, it should be embraced because economic downturns can become a platform of enduring success.

Jose Hawilla Runs Traffic

The U.S. is the recognized greatest place in the world to be an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurship finds success in many places throughout the world. Many of the most successful are family-run businesses. However, there are some entrepreneurs that prefer not to make what they do a family thing because they prefer that extra feeling of independence. Such individuals will also avoid working as leaders in large organizations because such organizations make them less independent and free to lead however they choose.




One of these independent intrepreneurs is Jose Hawilla, the owner and leader of Traffic. Traffic is one of the largest Brazilian sports marketing and advertising companies. Hawilla began his adult life as a field reporter for Bandeirantes radio in the 60s. He was very successful in the sports reporting world prior to his purchase of Traffic in 1982. He began with just bus advertising, but quickly elevated his company in the sports advertising world. By the late 80s he had the exclusive advertising rights in 25 stadiums. Today Traffic involves the broadcasting, sponsorship, and promotions of everything involving sports. For more details visit LinkedIn.


In recent years the once very popular Brazilian football scene has been less so. This is largely attributed to the decided downturn of the economy. But Hawilla is optimistic that it will soon rise in popularity again very soon. 2014’s world cup played a huge part in bringing televised sports back in Brazil. This is the case, says Hawilla because television has the ability to shape the future. In addition to his leadership of Traffic, Hawilla is also the chairman of the board of TV Tem, Rede Globo, Bom Dia, and Diario de Sao Paulo.


He has also shared his knowledge of entrepreneurship with the next generation of businesspeople. He loves to do what he can to help young businesspeople succeed in their endeavors.



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Enhanced Athlete Assures Success with Personalized Fitness Plans for Clients

Based in beautiful Cheyenne, Wyoming, is the company that bears the status of being the sole non-profit chemical research organization which focuses on improving the human physique. Proceeds raised from the sale of any and all Enhanced Athlete merchandise are funneled directly back into the company to fund further development and advanced research geared toward the creation of innovative new products. The company also utilizes only the top professionals in their field for the instruction and implementation of the highest levels of quality control. The goal of Enhanced Athlete is to design, create, and distribute an extensive array of products aimed at enhancing physical fitness in every way so as to inspire people to get fit and enjoy doing so. Their physical fitness products combine style, comfortable and attractive fit, and top-of-the-line quality at incredibly affordable prices.


Enhanced Athlete is joined in its fitness-enhancement goals by a pair of sister companies, also extremely successful and dedicated to the same principles and high standards as their “parent” company. Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching serve to round out a well-designed fitness empire, providing health and workout tips from the top professionals in their respective fields, personalized advice, and individualized recommendations in order for clients to receive the most effective and successful fitness experience possible, created just for them. The Enhanced Athlete family of companies works with the experts to bring their years of experience and knowledge directly to their clients in order to help them make their fitness goals reality.


Official Enhanced Athlete merchandise includes gear designed specifically to be effective, comfortable, sturdy, and flattering. Some of the most popular items include gym/gear bags, workout clothing, branded items, hats, etc. Each and every piece is designed with the client in mind, to make the workout experience an all-around enjoyable and effective one. Al Enhanced Athlete items are available at the most competitive prices.


As a sign of the wild success Enhanced Athlete enjoys, they have been the target of malicious attacks launched by competitors in the field. Attempts to sully the respectable name and unquestionable success of the company were immediately met with proper legal action in order to halt the libelous claims being levied against them. Following a thorough investigation, the Courts determined that the accusations were baseless and frivolous, and all were dismissed summarily. Enhanced Athlete proved beyond any doubt that they are number one in their field with good reason, and that is not going to change any time in the foreseeable future.