Omar Boarie is Thanked for His Work

I think that it is safe to say that Omar Boraie is the Savior for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was solely because of his passion and determination that the city of New Brunswick came out of the grave and is thriving as one of the major power players in the state of New Jersey today.


40 years ago the New Jersey State Senate was in discussion on whether or not New Brunswick, New Jersey was going to die. Many people on both the left and the right were pointing to several factors that would inevitably lead to New Brunswick death. They pointed out that the family atmosphere was decaying at an alarming rate. They also pointed out that the middle class was leaving as a result. They stated that as the middle class left, jobs were beginning to decline. As jobs declined, so did the tax revenue which left less money in the city coffers. As city resources grew scarce, various nonprofits and politicians fought for the few resources still available.


Omar Boraie was one of people at the Senate hall that day. He refused to believe that that New Brunswick was close to death. Omar Boraie set out to heal the city.


Omar Boraie began working to make New Brunswick become a place everyone wanted to raise a family. He knew full that businesses could not do such a thing. In order to help New Brunswick thrive and turn around, he would need to work through the various churches and nonprofits in the community. He agreed that if they developed strategies that would work, he would provide them the necessary money to make these dreams a reality. Check out for more.



Omar Boraie also began implementing a strategy that he hoped would bring back the middle class. This strategy was simple. He decided to take his most luxurious office space but lease it for a price that a young middle class professional could afford. This made his prices competitive and enticed the middle class professional to set up shop in his city.


Boraie Development recently stood in front of the New Jersey State Senate and announced that the city of New Brunswick would not die anytime soon. He was awarded the medal of compassion for his determination and loyalty to the city. They are looking at building a statue in his honor, which is the least they could do.



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