Securus prevents crime through low rates

Across the nation many critics of prison phone calling have decried the high rates prisoners are forced to pay in order to stay in touch with their loved ones. These critics point to states where, in some cases, rates are outrageously high, running as much as $2.50 per minute.


But the nation’s prison communication providers, such as Securus Technologies, have actually done a remarkable job of keeping rates much lower than they have been in times past. With Securus’ innovative voip-based calling technology, the company has managed to keep the rates for Video visitation down to just $2.31 per minute. This is a radical reduction in costs that are borne by the families of prisoners throughout the nation.


In addition to this, Securus has managed to keep permanent calling rates to incredibly low levels. Take, for example, the state of Louisiana. There, Securus has entered into contracts that required it to pay an average of 71 percent of all revenues to the institutions where it does business. Despite this, Securus has managed to keep the inmate calling rate down to just $0.15 in Louisiana prisons. It does all this while providing crucial revenues to the prisons where it operates. This money is often not replaceable and goes directly towards maintaining the prison communication themselves free of crime.


The critics fail to mention that private companies, such as Securus, are doing yeoman’s work. They are simultaneously delivering great value to the prisoners who use their services, while also delivering in revenues directly to the coffers of the prisons that so desperately need the additional revenue.


This has the effect of reducing crime. Many studies have shown that inmates who are able to stay in constant contact with their loved ones are much less likely to recidivate upon release. Those inmates who are capable of calling their loved ones at extremely cheap rates are more likely to do so regularly.