Month: January 2018

Clay Siegall founds Seattle Genetics, takes target therapies to new heights

One of the most important developments over the last 20 years in the cancer research industry has been in the area of targeted cancer therapies. Many new drugs began coming on the scene in the early 1990s that showed huge promise in the ability to administer highly effective anti-cancer treatments without the terrible side effects that had normally been associated with chemotherapy regimens.

Of all the new targeted cancer therapies that have been produced over the last 20 years, the most important could arguably be the category known as antibody drug conjugates. Created by Clay Siegall, a senior researcher with Bristol-Myers Squibb who would later go on to found Seattle Genetics, one of the most important biotech startups of the last 20 years, antibody drug conjugates have proven to be one of the most effective cancer treatments ever devised.

This exciting new class of drugs is now being used to treat a variety of specific types of cancers. In cancer types for which it has been approved, the company’s first drug, ADCetris, has proven to be enormously promising, almost totally eliminating the side effects of that would normally be associated with chemotherapy and allow for vastly higher and more effective dosages to be safely administered to patients suffering from the diseases for which the drug has been approved.

As both the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall has been instrumental in the company’s rise to success, personally overseeing the creation of ADCetris as well as other antibody drug conjugates. Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, the company has created a robust pipeline of new drugs being researched and developed. Currently, the company has more than 15 drugs in its development pipeline and dozens more that are currently being research in the beginning stages.

In addition to that, Seattle Genetics has been able to create a vast portfolio of intellectual property, which it is able to lease out to other companies in order that they make create their own antibody drug conjugate drugs.

The most important contribution that Dr. Siegall has made to the cancer research field has been the real lives that have been saved through the use of antibody drug conjugates.


Securus prevents crime through low rates

Across the nation many critics of prison phone calling have decried the high rates prisoners are forced to pay in order to stay in touch with their loved ones. These critics point to states where, in some cases, rates are outrageously high, running as much as $2.50 per minute.


But the nation’s prison communication providers, such as Securus Technologies, have actually done a remarkable job of keeping rates much lower than they have been in times past. With Securus’ innovative voip-based calling technology, the company has managed to keep the rates for Video visitation down to just $2.31 per minute. This is a radical reduction in costs that are borne by the families of prisoners throughout the nation.


In addition to this, Securus has managed to keep permanent calling rates to incredibly low levels. Take, for example, the state of Louisiana. There, Securus has entered into contracts that required it to pay an average of 71 percent of all revenues to the institutions where it does business. Despite this, Securus has managed to keep the inmate calling rate down to just $0.15 in Louisiana prisons. It does all this while providing crucial revenues to the prisons where it operates. This money is often not replaceable and goes directly towards maintaining the prison communication themselves free of crime.


The critics fail to mention that private companies, such as Securus, are doing yeoman’s work. They are simultaneously delivering great value to the prisoners who use their services, while also delivering in revenues directly to the coffers of the prisons that so desperately need the additional revenue.


This has the effect of reducing crime. Many studies have shown that inmates who are able to stay in constant contact with their loved ones are much less likely to recidivate upon release. Those inmates who are capable of calling their loved ones at extremely cheap rates are more likely to do so regularly.


Speed, Courage And A Bit Of Apprehension

Nothing in life comes easy on Wall Street. The work Greg Secker achieves makes the promises of making big money an easy concept. This professional epitomizes all we hear about the best in the Foreign Exchange market. Those stories speak about traders as if they are the world’s greatest heroes. This all has to do with the odds.

The odds of getting things right on Wall Street are slim. We find possibility in the work of professionals like Greg Secker. Greg became a professional trader after leaving a foreign exchange brokerage firm. He felt the need to discover his own place in the trading mechanism of currencies. This is what he did with rapid speed, belief and a bit of apprehension.

Watching World Events And Technical News

Part of what made Greg Secker the success he is today is information. This is now considered an information society we live in, and the data access that technology enables lets traders like Greg excel. There’s a world of events, and to win in the foreign exchange markets, you need to be updated on what’s happening. World events are what moves the world economy.

The collection of currencies on the market help to devise value once they are compared to each other. This creates an inevitable world economy as a result. The movement of these financial powerhouses within each recognized country causes traders in the forex market to win or lose their investments. The history of Greg Secker rests on the side of success and what his impact brings to other people.

Encouraging The World To The Right Trade

The steps taken after success and by Greg Secker were to connect average people like you and I to the wins of the market. This undertaken was revolutionized when Greg was able to elevate investors who work to set themselves on a professional plane. The work of Greg moves beyond winning trades from himself. He now works to duplicate his success in others.

The forex market stands as the largest of the financial markets with over 4 trillion being traded on the platform daily.

Dr. Mark McKenna has Always been an Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of the state of Louisiana. However, he is licensed to practice surgery and medicine in Georgia and Florida. Dr. McKenna attended Tulane University where he earned his medical credentials. McKenna also launched is first entrepreneurial enterprise there as well. He founded McKenna Venture Investments and presented it as a small real estate development firm looking for new clients. Dr. McKenna has continued to push the business over the years making the key acquisitions of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. His business continues to grow and has over 50 employees. It who offers services such as real estate closing, design build and finance. Dr. McKenna is dedicated to the communities that his business operates in and is a firm supporter of patient advocacy.

Hurricane Katrina played a role in the life of Dr. Mark McKenna. He lost a great deal of his business holdings during the storm. However, he decided to use this tragedy as an opportunity to serve his community and hometown. Mark McKenna directly contributed to the development of low income housing for struggling families.

Dr. Mark McKenna went on to relocate his business to Atlanta Georgia. He moved forward with another business called OVME. OVME is a concept that is influencing elective healthcare with technology and medical aesthetics.

McKenna is a family man who cherishes the time he gets to spend with his wife and daughter. He gets up early to make breakfast for his daughter while his wife is still enjoying hours of sleep. Dr. McKenna uses these moments to embrace being a father and also mentally prioritize the day ahead. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna understands the importance of setting goals. However, it is critical to carefully think out the nature of any plan. It is counterproductive to rush out and accomplish a task if it is not leading a person in the direction they wish. Each individual must find what motivates them and brings them happiness in life.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been an entrepreneur throughout his career. He believes that his success is rooted in the fact that he surrounds himself with people that are smarter than he is. It helps him maintain a perspective that builds confidence in the ideas that he has for his own accomplishments.

Jason Hope, Why The Internet Of Things Has A Place In The Future

Whoever thought that mobile technology will ever get to where it is today? This thought was only in Jason Hope’s mind an inborn passion towards technology in that; he can be able even to foretell how various sectors of technology are going to be soon.

Mr. Jason is quite a renowned entrepreneur in the area of telecommunication and technology. He attended the Arizona State University where he got his first degree in finance, and then acquired his master’s degree in the same university. After his academics, Jason thought he would instead start his own business other than getting employed and thus began venturing in the area of mobile technology. His high motivation to work in the mobile technology sector was because it gets to a lot of people and benefits people all over the world and he knew that improving mobile technology cannot be exhausted for it has a lot of adjustments to be made.

Hope has a fantastic collection of technology establishments where he gets his living. He began with Jawa Communication Company which gave him way through and connections with other companies. He continues to make a living from various groups that he has come up with which comprise of companies that offer services that deal with marketing, social media, and systems to provide business information. Technology is very essential, and it is needed everywhere and by everybody. There is no point that Jason doubt his business profitability because he knew that it’s not the success that makes a businessman lucky but it’s his attitude towards failure that makes him successful. Technology is all about evolution, and it evolves from now and then, and this is what keeps Jason focused and more creative and always out doing many entrepreneurs in this area.

Jason has a firm belief in the internet of things, and he takes this as the innovative trend of progression in the technology industry. The internet of things can completely advance operation of businesses in future. As long as Hope is concerned, the internet of things will change the world to have all possible gadgets are going to become connected to each other. Many consumers currently are working with smart devices, and soon this will become the only way to move forward. One of the problems with the internet of things is that it can get hacked, but when there are strict terms and policies and very tight technological security there are low chances of hacking taking place.

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Lifeline Screening Will Give You a New Lease on Life

Did you know that heart disease is a factor in one out of four deaths in the United States? Did you know that one out of five deaths can be prevented by lifestyle improvements? Did you know that 600,000 people die every year from cardiovascular disease?

If you want to live a better life, then you really should make improvements to your lifestyle and eating habits. However, it is also important to take tests and screenings in order to find out how you can improve your lifestyle. This will also help you detect various illnesses and diseases before they make problems.

Cardiovascular disease is a big issue. Part of the problem is that many people do not know they are having cardiovascular problems. Many people are having heart problems and diseases, but there are no symptoms occurring. They do not know that they have to make changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Eventually, a heart attack may occur. Once that happens, there may be no second chance to change their lifestyle. Heart attacks can be fatal. Therefore, it is important to take screening tests in order to find out if there are any hidden cardiovascular problems.

Research shows that when people take the test with Lifeline Screening and find out that issues are developing, they usually take serious steps in order to change their lifestyle and eating habits. Even more than that, people who had no problems during their screening were still motivated to improve their lifestyle. They did not want any issues to appear in their next screening. Everyone can benefit from screening, regardless of whether there are issues or not.

Heart disease can cause a lot of damage without being detected. It is often known as a silent disease, because even though it does not display any symptoms, it can cause irreparable damage to the heart. That is why screening is so important. It is also why cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death. People simply do not know that they have a disease. When it does appear, it comes unexpectedly.

Lifeline Screening is a great way to find out if there are any underlying issues. People who have gone through screening with Lifeline Screening have been able to improve their lifestyle and ward off diseases and problems in the future.

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