Founder of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna

An advocate for patients and a person of the community, Dr. Mark McKenna has grown beyond his profession to be one of the greatest doctors of his time. He was brought up humbly in New Orleans, and he went to the University of Tulane.

His specialization in medicine was due to the urge to help people out. But what drove him beyond obstacles was his passion. He loved medicine and lived for it. It is not a wonder that when he graduated, he began practicing with the closest person he knew- his father. Mark then developed the interest for entrepreneurship. A few years in private practice, he decided to give his first try with McKenna Venture Investments, which was a real estate company. He, later on, launched several other companies, all with the aim of expanding his skills and stretching his knowledge to help other people out.

He started living in Atlanta when he was of a ripe age. He soon moved there permanently, in 2007. His shifting was marked by the launching of one of his most significant innovations. In 2017, he started an aesthetic company, OVME, and became its founder and also Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. McKenna, to the outside world, is not only a doctor. He is also a prosperous entrepreneur. Both his skills combined have born fruits regarding patient care and service to the community. Mark has been invited to talks and interviews that feature doctors that are good entrepreneurs. He is one of the people that have left a significant mark on the world today.

It has even been certified “Black Diamond.” This is a certification that is garnered by firms that show a distinction when it comes to excellent delivery and care to patients. It is also presented to companies that relay inventions that not only serve individuals but the world at large.