Month: December 2017

Todd Lubar: Chasing Dreams

What is an entrepreneur but someone how chases after dreams? Every entrepreneur has their own story to success, but none of them have an exact method that works every time. Even after decades of the success, the older entrepreneurs still experience failure every now and then.

As weird as it sounds, the entrepreneurs that experience the most failures are often the ones with the best advice. For some entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is something that comes later in life. For Todd Lubar, entrepreneurship came after more than 20 years in the finance and credit industry. Now, Todd Lubar serves as President of TDL Global Ventures.

In 1995, Lubar’s first corporate job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd worked for the company for about four years, learning everything he could about conservative mortgage banking. His natural gift for finance really blossomed after he left Crestar and began working at Legacy Financial Group. Check out to see more.

His performance at Legacy Financial made him a superstar in the finance world. He brokered loans to numerous clients and generated a loan volume in the hundreds of millions. He also built up the company’s Maryland office. His work at Legacy ended when he took the Senior VP position at Charter Funding.

While stilling working at Legacy, he also began his entrepreneurial journey. In 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, a small commercial real estate firm. Within a few years, Legendary Properties consumed much of his time. Eventually, his company became of the largest real estate firms on the east coast.

The idea behind TDL Ventures is to help people who aren’t helped by banks. Applying for loans at a traditional bank is very stressful and these days are usually denied much-needed loans. To help these people, Lubar realized he’d have to create his own product and program. What he created is RELIEF.

As exciting as his work at TDL is, he’s most excited about the future. He sees more people getting inspired to chase their dreams. As long as people are willing to chase, his company will survive.

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Founder of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna

An advocate for patients and a person of the community, Dr. Mark McKenna has grown beyond his profession to be one of the greatest doctors of his time. He was brought up humbly in New Orleans, and he went to the University of Tulane.

His specialization in medicine was due to the urge to help people out. But what drove him beyond obstacles was his passion. He loved medicine and lived for it. It is not a wonder that when he graduated, he began practicing with the closest person he knew- his father. Mark then developed the interest for entrepreneurship. A few years in private practice, he decided to give his first try with McKenna Venture Investments, which was a real estate company. He, later on, launched several other companies, all with the aim of expanding his skills and stretching his knowledge to help other people out.

He started living in Atlanta when he was of a ripe age. He soon moved there permanently, in 2007. His shifting was marked by the launching of one of his most significant innovations. In 2017, he started an aesthetic company, OVME, and became its founder and also Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. McKenna, to the outside world, is not only a doctor. He is also a prosperous entrepreneur. Both his skills combined have born fruits regarding patient care and service to the community. Mark has been invited to talks and interviews that feature doctors that are good entrepreneurs. He is one of the people that have left a significant mark on the world today.

It has even been certified “Black Diamond.” This is a certification that is garnered by firms that show a distinction when it comes to excellent delivery and care to patients. It is also presented to companies that relay inventions that not only serve individuals but the world at large.